Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – T. Rowe (TROW)

The Diplomats were back and at it again!  Loving the end of February, the turmoil and the continuous short-term declines in the market that unlocks opportunity in just a blink of an eye.  We were on the hot seat this week, and boy did we take some advantage of market fluctuations.  Wednesday was a well placed trade on a wonderful asset management company – T. Rowe Price (TROW).  Let’s see how, when and what led the purchase by both of us!

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First KMI… now BBL… The Pain

Here I am again… hurting, almost feels like the knife that went in the first time was starting to come out, only to be pushed, but this time twisted.  Another dividend cut, the 2nd one in three little months.  Another commodity dependent business – BHP Billiton (BBL) cut their dividend, by an almost “coincidentally” 74% – the approximate figure that KMI also cut theirs by.  This didn’t just sting, this burns, but it is a very & true learning experience for me.  Read on… Continue reading

Bert’s February Watch List

I’m getting an itch to invest.  Even after purchasing Pfizer a few weeks ago I still have some capital that I am trying to deploy.  This is eerily starting to remind me of when Lanny ran into the same problem (at the same time as a matter of fact!) of having capital to deploy but  no where to put it.    Despite the fact that the market wasn’t cooperating this week, I have my eyes on a few stocks that are getting very close to my “buy” zone.   If the prices fall next week, I may not be able to resist buying.  Time to check out my February Watch List!

Watch List

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T. Rowe Price (TROW) Stock Analysis

Ah.. Mid-February.  The markets have been on another Cedar fair’s rollercoaster ride and we’ve been buckled in feeling the stomach drop… while going through winters that are warm with no a sign of snow to the normal brutal Cleveland winter of a “snowmagheddon” for a great way to put it.  With the market “swoons” we all sign into our brokerage accounts to see what our balance is, what dividends have been received and what new stocks have popped on our watch list.  Then it hit me – what about doing a brokerage service stock analysis?  We are due to write one and this one felt… right.  To the analysis my friends.

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Recent Buy – Pfizer (PFE)

I couldn’t sit on the sidelines too long.  After a strong month of purchased in January, which saw me add to my current stakes in  ADM and CZNC,  I wanted to keep the momentum rolling.  At the end of my January dividend income article, I mentioned that I purchased a stock but haven’t disclosed the purchase yet to the community.  Well, that is about to change.  Last week I unloaded some capital and purchased a stake in Pfizer (PFE).  Let’s see why!



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January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

First month of 2016 is now officially in the books and you know what that means?  The posts on dividend income from the month from YOU the bloggers!  I love this time of the year and seeing everyone’s progress, the leaps, bounds, the ups, the downs and the big hitters for each month that we are receiving.  It’s a great way to show the articles we read and how excited we are for every single pursuit – to financial freedom!  Let’s see how everyone did during January! Continue reading

Bert’s January Dividend Income Summary

Wow….January just flew by.  One giant blur to me.  As I take some time to reflect on the month, I realize just how large of a roller coaster ride it was.  Whether it was the wild swings of Mr. Market, receiving dividends, or purchasing a couple of stocks (ADM at the beginning of the month and CZNC at the end of the month), I always had something fun and exciting to look forward to.    So now, just like every month, I took a step back and reviewed my monthly dividend income summary to see how my income stacked up against the same month in the previous quarter and the previous year.  Let’s check it out!

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