Lanny’s February Dividend Income Summary

Currently is ice raining here in Cleveland.  However, for the most part, winter has been warm and even sunny on a few days.  One thing, though, is certain.  Dividend income arrives – rain, snow or shine baby!  Time to warm up and check on the dividend income that my stock portfolio delivered last month!

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Expected Dividend Increases in February 2019

Winter is here.  I’ll tell you what, we are tired of shoveling snow and the frigid cold temperatures here in Cleveland.  But even while it is cold, the dividends and dividend increases continue to heat up!  Sorry for the bad play on words, couldn’t resist it right there.  With a new month looming, it is time for the next installment of our monthly series projecting all the Dividend Aristocrats and dividend growth stocks that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month.  Here is the February 2019 edition of the Expected Dividend Increases series!

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Expected Dividend Increases in April 2018

After taking a month off, it is time to for the next installment of our monthly article summarizing every dividend growth investor’s favorite topic…DIVIDEND INCREASES!  For those of you that are new followers, each month we try to summarize as many companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month as we can.  Why?  Because it gives us something to look forward to and there is a chance it may impact someone’s investment decision! This is going to be an exciting month because there are some big names in the investing community that are set to announce an increases.  Now, it is time to roll up our sleeves and see which companies are expected to announce a dividend increase in April 2018.

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Expected Dividend Increases in February 2018

What a month it has been for dividend increases!  Each month, I highlight the companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month.  For the first time, I am speechless.   In January, I highlighted three companies that were expected to increase their dividend in the coming month.  But man was I blown out of the water with all of the dividend increases that were announced.  February will have some tough shoes to follow!  Enough talk, let’s dive right in and summarize the companies that increased their dividend in January and which companies are expected to announce a dividend increase in February.

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Recent Buy – T.Rowe Price Group (TROW)

This month, I was back at it again and had some extra capital to deploy with a free trade credit staring my account in the face.  So of course I was going to use this as an opportunity to continue building my position in T.Rowe Price Group (TROW) that I started in 2016.    What’s funny is I wrote my last T.Rowe Price purchase article on 2/28/16, so almost a year ago exactly!   One year later, I was faced with similar facts and made a similar decision.   Time to see why I added to my stake!

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Bert’s January Dividend Stock Watch List

With the first month of 2017 coming to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to put a dividend stock watch list together to focus in on a few companies that have caught my eye recently.  What’s crazy is that each day brings an exciting new day to the market and it seems like we have snapped out of our two month streak of constant appreciation and are finally starting to see some great companies trading at a discount.  After my last purchase and Lanny’s recent portfolio review, I am as motivated as every to keep pushing capital into the marketplace and increase my passive income as much as possible.  Now lets take a look at my January Dividend Stock Watch List!

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Lanny’s 2016 Portfolio Review

I  keep a copy in PDF of my portfolio every quarter, and have a deeper dive at 12/31, but this also provides a blog’d example of where I stand, so I can always refer back on the site the historical position of my portfolio.  As we have done in the prior year, this post will be a review and re-cap overall of my portfolio, the contributions, dividend going forward, dividend received, what I can analyze from the current position, etc..  It’s always fun to see what the year compiled into one snapshot of all of the hard work that goes into it.  I am excited to see where it stands and what can be done going into this new year!  Let’s dive on in.  Continue reading