Interview with Ben at Sure Dividend

At the end of 2015, we began conducting interviews with others in this wonderful community.  One of the best part about it all is how willing everyone is to share their knowledge and encourage each other to become the best investor they can be and reach financial freedom as soon as possible.  Our first two interviews were Dividend Hustler and Tawcan.  Both their stories were fascinating and it was great learning about them!   So now, here comes interview number three.  Let’s all take some time and get to know Ben, the founder of!


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Interview with Tawcan

Last month we announced that we were going to begin an interview series and help share some of our favorite dividend bloggers with the community.   We think our first interview of one of our favorites, Dividend Hustler, went really well and hopefully many of you found out why Hustler’s kindness and humor make for one entertaining blog.  Couldn’t be happier to have gotten to know Ty.  Now, we wanted to interview another one of our favorite bloggers….Tawcan!


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Interview with Dividend Hustler

Over the last year and a half, we have had the pleasure of getting to know a ton of great people through our interaction in the dividend investing community.  There are some truly special people out there doing some amazing things.  We aren’t committing to a series, but periodically we wanted to take the opportunity to interview and share with others in the community some of our favorite dividend investors/bloggers in the community.  It is our pleasure to publish our first ever Dividend Investor Interivew.  In this installment, we had a Q&A session with Dividend Hustler.

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