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Over the last year and a half, we have had the pleasure of getting to know a ton of great people through our interaction in the dividend investing community.  There are some truly special people out there doing some amazing things.  We aren’t committing to a series, but periodically we wanted to take the opportunity to interview and share with others in the community some of our favorite dividend investors/bloggers in the community.  It is our pleasure to publish our first ever Dividend Investor Interivew.  In this installment, we had a Q&A session with Dividend Hustler.

Lanny stumbled on Dividend Hustler’s website early in the year and there are many reasons why we have found ourselves hooked on Ty’s Hustle towards financial freedom.  Here are just a few. One, his story is amazing.  We won’t go into detail because he discusses it in the Q&A session below.  Two, his relentless pursuit of financial freedom is infectious and each month we find ourselves amazed at what he has been able to accomplish whether it is through his portfolio growth, the Emily Fund, or any other side hustle that appears out of nowhere.  Lastly, Ty has a great trait of finding the positive aspect of every situation and is genuinely excited about life, family, and friends.   Through interactions on our website, he is always encouraging and motivating us to continue pushing and fighting towards financial freedom.   Those are just a few of the many reasons why we find ourselves always checking Hustler’s website for his next article.  Now, let’s begin our Q&A session with Ty, aka Dividend Hustler.

Question 1.  What inspired you to begin Dividend Growth Investing?

Before DGI, I was pretty much the ultimate consumer.  I have spent so much money on clothes, gadgets, dinners out all the time and treating friends and spending money like it was going out of style.  I had a high income so why not?  Also, when you’re younger you tend to not care so much.  I always saved though but I coulda saved more had I found out about this strategy earlier.  I wanted to change my life because buying crap doesn’t make you happy after a while.  It’s like going through the motions.  I wanted a change and stumbled on Dividend Mantra and from then on, his website changed my life.

Question 2.  What is your favorite dividend stock that you would buy at any time and why?

Hmm tough one.  I like Johnson and Johnson (Note: One of our favorite stocks too).  It’s been paying dividends for over 50 years and the healthcare sector next to the consumer sector is the sectors I believe are very stable, Sleep Well at Night.  I currently have 105 shares of Johnson and Johnson and going forward, I wouldn’t mind having a 50k Position on this and even going overweight if it ever pulled back below my cost basis.  Why not?  Everyone needs to use products like Tylenol, Band-Aid, and the many other brands they own.  Also, people spend like 100 k on a brand new Range Rover Sport.  So, Id rather take that money on put it into JNJ and collect them lovely dividends.  Only thing stopping me is because the CAD dollar is not doing so well and so it’s not time right now to buy US stocks or we would have to pay a premium of another 25% on top with the exchange at .75.

Question 3.  Do you reinvest your dividends or let them accumulate and why?

I reinvest all my dividends.  Since I’m still traveling on this journey and will not be using the dividend income until I’m retired, at 55, I will be reinvesting every single cent.  Compounding works huge.  I usually buy in lots of $1000 or $2000 because my commission at Scotia Itrade is 9.99 and CIBC Investors Edge is 6.95.

Question 4.  There are countless articles disclosing hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of financial advice.  What is one piece of financial advice or savings tip you would like to pass along (Outside of Invest at an earlier age)?
I would say the most important piece of financial advice is Staying Happily Married.  Your partner wanting the same goals and aspirations can not be underestimated.  I believe it’s a lot easier to save and invest and build a huge nest egg if you’re married / common law.  2 Incomes is definitely better than 1.  2 Minds to brainstorm and plan and solve problems are better than 1.  Love needs to be maintained.  Getting a divorce is bad for your Net Worth.  It’s definitely a Wealth Destroyer.  Sometimes, people change and things change so that’s unfortunate and I’m sorry that’s happen.  However, since we are married, let’s treat our love ones great and hope for the best and move forward.

Question 5.  Outside of researching stocks, writing blog posts, and commenting throughout the community, what’s your favorite hobby?
I enjoy spending time with my daughters.  Watching cartoons with them, and just hanging out with them.  However, my favorite hobby when everyone’s asleep or when I have time, I like video games such as Role Playing like Final Fantasy series and strategy like Starcraft , Warcraft 3.  Right now, I’m playing Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard.  It’s fun.  I can’t wait for Fallout 4 which is coming out next month.  I enjoy games because they take me into the world and the graphics and gameplay nowadays, it’s amazing!  Also, because I’m OCD with building my portfolio, I tend to game it up to take my mind off of buying.

Question 6.  What are your plans for your and your family when you reach Financial Freedom?

Once I reach Financial Freedom, I’ll probably just work less.  Instead of working crazy hours like now, I’d probably just work say 3 or 4 days a week.  My dream is look after the portfolio and with the dividends left over after paying for monthly expenses, I will be using them to buy high quality stocks further compounding the portfolio even more.  A Full Time Investor.  Warren Buffett is over 85 and he still just chills at his office and reads about businesses and stocks.  He loves it.   My wife can do as she pleases but I won’t spoil my kids because they have to make their own way. But I will be paying for their housing and schooling until they can learn to catch their own fish.  The Dividend Income and Passive Income will help to create a life that’s just chill you know?  Everything paid for.  No worries.  I just want to eat good food and live in a nice house and not have to worry.  I wanna drive a sweet ride like a Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover, why not?  Paid for by dividends right?   Live a peaceful, quiet life just chilling out.  Watching movies, tv shows and just bumming around the house.  Gaming it up.  Hanging out with family.  Golfing.  Snowboarding.  All good.  We got 1 life to live so live it how you want to.  There’s no right or wrong, as long as you’re happy and content.

Question 7.  Who is your favorite Dividend Diplomat?
Hmm.  I enjoy both of your company.  Can’t have 1 without the other.


Alright, Hustler didn’t take the bait on that last one.  But hopefully you all can see why we love visiting Hustler’s website and interacting with him on a regular basis.   He is always kind and his positive mindset is infectious.   Plus, he is hilarious.  I don’t think either of us have made it through an article without laughing!  Please everyone, take some time to visit Dividend Hustler’s website and get to know him.   Hustler, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and we look forward to hustling our way towards financial freedom.  Take care!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

15 thoughts on “Interview with Dividend Hustler

  1. Nice interview guys. I’m glad you’re getting into the interview game, because I like getting to know different folks as well. I check out Tyler’s site from time to time and his posts are always entertaining. He seems like a good guy. Have a great weekend guys, and thanks again for the interview!

    • Thanks Bryan! This was a first for us and we thought it was a big success. We will definitely have some more interviews lined up, but we don’t want to get too carried away with it. There are so many great dividend investors out there and we want to do what we can to connect as many people as possible. That’s why this community is amazing. Tyler has a great website and I love visiting it!

      Have a great weekend as well.


  2. Great interview and some good tips for sure! I totally support the “staying happily married”. Few people realize the financial blow of a divorce. It’s exciting to hear of your success and your expertise is clear and inspiring to new dividend investors like myself.

    Laura Beth

    • Thanks Laura! Even though I’m not married yet (will be in 8 months…crazy!), I can only imagine the damage it would cause. It is an honor to hear you say that we are inspiring you and it means a lot to us. Glad we can share our enthusiasm and help motivate people the way we were motivated by others in the community when we began blogging and dividend investing. That’s what makes this community special.


  3. Great interview, it’s nice to “meet” and learn about the community. Keep the interviews coming.

    Thanks for posting it and thanks to Dividend Hustler for participating. On my way to visit DH’s site now.

  4. Hey Lanny and Bert. Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate the kind words and the support. Thanks for starting this blog and documenting this journey with us letting us know that there are also like minded investors going through the same grind. Let us celebrate and enjoy this amazing life. Cheers to us!

    • Hustler!!

      Thank you for taking the time to participate! We are all here for each other to celebrate our success and motivate each other to keep reaching for the stars. Let’s keep hustling and grinding our way towards financial freedom. It was a great interview and we loved compiling your responses. You are making amazing progress and are inspiring the two of us here and hopefully many others now.


  5. Great interview, always happy to learn more about fellow blogger. Are you guys planning to make this a regular series? If so, would love to participate. 🙂

  6. Congrats on the interview! I have been away on vacation, so I am catching up on my reading now :-). I can’t agree more with your answer to the best piece of financial advice. It is so much easier to save and invest when your priorities align with your spouses. The journey to FI or ER is also something to bond over.

    • Welcome back from vacation. Did you go anywhere fun? Hopefully somewhere nice and warm! Exactly, it is best when the journey is shared because the two of you are living the same journey!

      Take care!


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