Here we will list out our daily blogs that we follow and read articles from.  They are all – motivating, informative and fun.  Oh and are all definitely worth checking out and reading their articles and journeys. Below is the Dividend Diplomat Blogroll:

DividendMantra – Jason, in his younger 30’s, is on a journey to be frugal and invest into dividend paying companies, definitely is a great individual and has a great blog to follow.

DivHut – Keith has been an internet entrepreneur for some time and lives free of the chains.  Check his site out!

RetireBy40 – Great blog with new insights on how to retire younger than your friends and family!

Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) – A new way of living and great advice across all spectrums – frugality, investing and.. living!

Asset-Grinder – With a networth that is astounding – another entrepreneur who invests into dividend paying stocks

Cashville Skyline – Addison is a 30-something blogger who is dividend investing her way to freedom!

My Dividend Pipeline – MDP is killing it every week and placing a hefty amount of capital to have the dividend income stream take care of his monthly expenses.  See the big action moves at the blog.

Dividend Life – His goal is to invest into dividend paying stocks to cover his living expenses – something that is ultimately all apart of our goal, see his blog to see the progress!  Quite an interesting story from where he was born and the experiences he’s had.

Starting From Zero– SFZ began trading stocks in January of 2013 and has a portfolio with a market value in the high $20ks! He is well on his way to his goal of financial independence by 40.  It has been a great journey to follow.

Pollies Dividend– Pollie recently decided to focus on investing in dividend growth stocks.  Follow his journey and enjoy his Pollie-style dividend stock analyses!

DividendHawk – Another dividend investor and blogger who has been going at it for more than a year.  He is from Finland and doing well, check out his progress!

Roadmap2Retire– R2R is a DIY investor in his young 30s that began his march towards financial freedom in 2007.  Now, R2R is bringing in over $500 per month in gross passive income.  Great work R2R!

There’s Value– M & T are bloggers that focus on building wealth through both dividend investing and saving.   While they are relatively new to the dividend-investing game, they have been championing other avenues of passive income for years.

Living at Home– Henry is a passionate investor that loves value investing.  Similar to us, Henry has started investing at a young age and has a very impressive portfolio.

The Dividend Guy– Mike has been an active member of the dividend community, a frequent visitor to our website, and expanding his brand rapidly.   His website is filled with great investing resources, ranging from brief descriptions to the famous Dividend Toolkit.  To us, he is a must follow in the dividend community.

Dividend Hustler– Our favorite hustler.  Tyler is in his young 30s and recently discovered a love for dividend investing and is now determined to reach financial independence.   If he keeps up his current pace, he will reach financial independence long before his targeted age of 55. Keep up the great work DH and keep on hustling!

Thinking Wealthy Jay passed on a high profile, high earning investment banking career in favor LIFE.   A much respected decision by the two of us.

American Dividend Dream – ADD and his wife embarked on their journey towards financial freedom in January 2012.  In their late 20s, ADD has a passion for dividend investing and traveling.

Second Hand Millionaires – Veronica and Andrew have an impressive story.   They paid down a large amount of debt and made some serious headway on their mortgage by building a diversified passive income stream.

Retire By 35 – Two engineers relentlessly pursuing financial freedom to retire at an insanely young age of 35!  If you thought the two of us started on this journey early, you haven’t seen anything yet as these two make us feel like senior citizens!

It Pays Dividends – With student loans and other debt behind him, Thias and his family are focused on accumulating their wealth through dividend investing.

Financial Samuri –  Sam took the leap of faith into full time blogging many years ago after spending his career in Corporate America.  Sam’s journey is extremely inspirational and his blog is an informative/entertaining read.  One quote resonates from the about the author page: “Will never fail due to a lack of effort because effort requires no skill. What a shame to never succeed because I didn’t see things through to the very end.”

Dividend Niche – New to the dividend investing game, The Niche Fund was founded in 2015.  After many years of spending and minimal saving, Niche is looking to use his capital to build a dividend focused portfolio and get his dividend snowball rolling!

Dividend Diatribes – JT is similar to us in age and passion for investing in dividend growth stocks.  JT loves investing in stocks that will allow him to sleep at times of volatility!

Race2Retirement– RTR writes about his thrilling race towards financial freedom.  The finite time frame of 3,000 days till financial freedom makes his journey that much more fun to follow.

Well Rounded Investor– Vivianne is one year away from the targeted financial freedom date.  Hint:  it is way below the normal retirement age.

Tawcan – Tawcan started his blog about the same time we did and is documenting his journey to have the most joyful life.  How will he get there?  You guessed it, by achieving financial freedom through frugal living, dividend investing, and finding other passive income streams.

30 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Thanks for the comment on my site. I love how you guys both are contributing to your site. It’s very similar to what one of my good friends and I are doing and the reason for the “two” in our site’s name. Now I just need to try and get him to start writing some posts again. Haha!

    You guys definitely got started a few years younger than we did, though. Just added you to our blogroll too. Keep up the good writing!

  2. I’m surprised that Enercare is flying under the radar up there (I live in Phoenix). I’ve owned this monthly dividned company for 3 yrs. I’m told they (Enercare) is moving to the big Toronto exchange board supposedly today. This is a boring little company with a huge upside. Oh, and it’s 78 and sunny here today… 🙂

  3. Hey Dividend Diplomats,
    Love your blog and have been following it for a few months. My brother and I started dividend growth investing almost as soon as we turned 18. We’d love it if you could check out our site and give feedback, or add us to your blogroll. You’re already on ours.
    Thank you,

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  5. Hi there Bert and Lanny! Great list, I see a few names I haven’t yet seen, I’ll be sure to check them out! This is my first time reaching out to you guys but I love your blog and just recently started my own dividend investing blog! (It’s about 4 months old now)

  6. Hi DividendDiplomats, we’ve really enjoyed reading your posts on dividend income.
    We started a site as well on dividend investing and wanted to let you know about it, hopefully we can earn a spot on your blogroll if you think it would be useful to your readers.
    Thanks, Kemp

  7. Hey Dividend Diplomat,
    Great site and great blog roll. I’m relatively new to blogging. I created my portfolio starting a year ago and have been slowly but surely documenting my progress on the site. I’d appreciate addition to the blogroll. Regardless, I’ll be adding yours to mine as I think this is a great site.

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