Dividend Increases Expected in August 2020

Dividend Increases are the foundation of our plan to achieve financial freedom. We are looking to build a growing, passive income stream using dividends! The key word in the previous sentence is growing.  That is why the two of us are always monitoring our company’s to see if they announce a dividend increase. Each month, we share this passion with all of you and write an article summarizing the previous month’s dividend increases and projecting the announcements in the next month. Here is the August installment of the “Dividend Increases Expected” series.

dividend increases, dividend increases in February, Dividend Aristocrats

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Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny’s July 2020 Summary

dividend stock purchase

July dividend stock purchases were steady throughout the month.  After May was slow, June picked up steam and July really brought back consistency do fueling the dividend income portfolio.  For the second month in a row we were able to add triple digit dividend income, increasing our passive income source this past month!

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How to reach $1,000,000 in 15 years of Investing

one million dollars

Everyone want’s a million dollars, for the most part.  Some may even have – making $1,000,000 a goal of theirs on their lifetime to do list.  You haven’t been taught how to get there and your employer doesn’t really help you learn what you need to do to make, earn or generate a stock portfolio that is worth a million dollars.  Every think about what it could take to build $1,000,000 in 15 years of saving and investing?  What if I could show YOU that YOU can be a millionaire by following simple math and having dedication to the process? Continue reading

Dividend Stock Purchases: Bert’s June 2020 Summary

2020 is flying by! We have crossed the 50 yard line and are marching towards the endzone. Each month presents exciting new twists and opportunities in the stock market. June was no different! My wife and I found 4 companies to purchase during the month. This article summarizes our dividend stock purchases for June. See what companies we purchased that allowed us to add $58 in forward dividend income.

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Dividend Stock Watch List: Lanny’s August 2020 Edition

dividend stock watch list

As investors, there are always opportunities out there.  The stock market continues the trajectory upwards, making the journey to financial freedom by using dividend income as a passive income source, a little more difficult.  I still will say – there is nothing better than dividend income, no matter what time of the year!  That’s what the dividend stock watch list is all about!  Let’s buckle up and read Lanny’s Dividend Stock Watch List – August Edition. Continue reading

Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – June 2020

june dividend income, community, bloggers

June was an interesting month in the market. Dividend cuts continued to slow, despite a few surprise dividend cuts.  Economies continue to reopen and the weather continued to get better. Still, the economic and political environments remained as tense as ever.  The Federal Reserve announced major restrictions on bank dividends and share buybacks for the first time since the Great Recession.  I know we have all felt impacts to our dividend income!

Despite all the madness and intensity, there is one constant that will never change: dividend income.  The dividend checks continued to roll in.  The third month of the quarter is always exciting since the majority of companies, and mutual fund families (such as Vanguard), pay their dividend.  Many dividend bloggers produce their best passive income results during the quarter-end month!

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