The Diplomats’ April Side Hustle Report

Another month is in the books and the NBA playoffs are in full swing.   Each month, after working our “9-5” that is anything but that, we do whatever we can to side hustle and earn a few extra dollars.   We are as motivated as ever to earn every extra penny we can and truly make every dollar count!   April was no different and we emerged with busy season with a little more time to side hustle.  Did the extra time translate into greater income?  Let’s find out.  Here is our April Side Hustle report.

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The Diplomats’ March Side Hustle Report

Busy season is finally just about over for the Dividend Diplomats!  Through the insane work weeks and the Cleveland Cold that ensues, do you think we were able to keep the side hustles going?  You better believe we never stop side hustling and trying to earn every extra dollar possible and MAKE EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.  It was a solid month overall, but we are looking forward to April Side Hustlin’ money showers!  Now, let’s see how we did in March! Continue reading

Using Side Hustles to Paydown My Mortgage

I hope at this point it is not a secret that Lanny and I are doing whatever it takes and side-hustling our tail off to earn every extra dollar we can.  In fact, I am earning some Swagbucks as I am writing this article as I have a video running in the background. We always say that every dollar counts and every dollar makes a difference in our pursuit of financial freedom.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about that phrase recently, especially as I spend hours staring at a computer watching spreadsheets open at work or I walk to the water cooler for a needed break. After a conversation with Lanny at the water coolers one of those days, something he said caused a light bulb to suddenly turn on and I cannot wait to starting using my side hustle income in a different manner, to paydown my mortgage.


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The Diplomats’ February Side Hustle Report

The cold,  dark days of February were upon us.   Freezing cold temperatures, shoveling snow (what felt like every day), and long hours, man it was a “fun” month.   But despite everything, the two of us never side hustling and trying to earn every extra dollar possible and MAKE EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.  You can’t take the hustle out of the Diplomats!   Let’s see how much we were able to earn in our February Side Hustle Report.

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