Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – Procter & Gamble (PG)

Earnings season has been upon us for this past quarter and wow, things are starting to move, shake, drop, pop and roll.  On April 19th, things were no different.  After seeing quite a few stocks that are strong dividend players drop, one company caught our eye.  I messaged Bert saying, “Alert, PG DROP!”.  The rest was history.  We both ended up purchasing additional positions into Procter & Gamble (PG)!

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Using Side Hustles to Paydown My Mortgage

I hope at this point it is not a secret that Lanny and I are doing whatever it takes and side-hustling our tail off to earn every extra dollar we can.  In fact, I am earning some Swagbucks as I am writing this article as I have a video running in the background. We always say that every dollar counts and every dollar makes a difference in our pursuit of financial freedom.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about that phrase recently, especially as I spend hours staring at a computer watching spreadsheets open at work or I walk to the water cooler for a needed break. After a conversation with Lanny at the water coolers one of those days, something he said caused a light bulb to suddenly turn on and I cannot wait to starting using my side hustle income in a different manner, to paydown my mortgage.


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The Diplomats’ August Side Hustle Report

Our third installment of the Dividend Diplomats’ Side Hustle Report.  Each month, the two of us publish a report showing how much income we made from our various “side hustles.”  We talk all the time about how every dollar counts and can make a lasting impact on our journey towards financial freedom.  Producing these reports helps hold us accountable and motivates us to keep increasing the number.  Nothing excites us more than reading about another blogger that is pushing themselves to the limit, so hopefully our August Side Hustle Report can help us pay that motivation forward.

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