Using Side Hustles to Paydown My Mortgage

I hope at this point it is not a secret that Lanny and I are doing whatever it takes and side-hustling our tail off to earn every extra dollar we can.  In fact, I am earning some Swagbucks as I am writing this article as I have a video running in the background. We always say that every dollar counts and every dollar makes a difference in our pursuit of financial freedom.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about that phrase recently, especially as I spend hours staring at a computer watching spreadsheets open at work or I walk to the water cooler for a needed break. After a conversation with Lanny at the water coolers one of those days, something he said caused a light bulb to suddenly turn on and I cannot wait to starting using my side hustle income in a different manner, to paydown my mortgage.


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Buying Our First Used Car

We had an insane month of May, no questions asked.  We bought a house, we attended a couple of weddings, and traveled to Boston for a graduation.  A lot going on!  If you recall, in what feels like forever ago by now, I wrote an article about how we were also going to have to purchase a car for my wife since her lease was set to end in May.  So on top of all of it, we added buying a car to the mix!   This time, something was different, we changed our plans at the last second and decided to purchase our first ever used car.  Now, here is the “thrilling” story about one of my least favorite processes ever, buying a car.

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May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

You all know the drill by now, right?  Every month, we try as hard as we can to aggregate dividend income summaries from as many of the other bloggers in the dividend growth investor community.  There are so many great, inspiring stories out there that motivate the two of us each and every day.    We do our best to include as many bloggers as we can; however, due to time constraints, we can’t include every blogger every month.  It isn’t anything personal.  Now, it is time to get inspired.  Let’s check out our May dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!

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Lessons Learned About Setting Goals

It is that time of the year.  To me, December means finishing out the year strong, racing towards the finish line, and setting the table for a successful year going forward.  For the last few weeks, I have been thinking long and hard about my life, investing, and our blog goals.  What should I focus on?  Where should I be at this point next year?  Questions like these have racing through my mind and I am trying to process and make sense of them all.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the goals I have set from the prior year and trying to leverage them as much as possible, including both the successes and the shortcomings.  I thought it would be helpful for me, and hopefully some of you, to write down my thoughts and lessons learned over the last few years about setting goals.   Time to dive in.

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September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

September dividend income summaries out the door? Check.  Quarterly goals articles completed? Check.  Well, you know what this means…time for our favorite series where we aggregate do our best to summarize as many dividend income summary articles from around the dividend growth investor community.  Due to time, we unfortunately cannot include every article that has been written to date.  We wish we could, trust us.  So please, please don’t take it personally if  were not included in this article.  Now, let’s get to the good stuff.  Time to dive in and check out some impressive September dividend income figures from YOU the bloggers!

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Crossing $3,000 in Projected Dividend Income

What a journey it has been so far.   Last week, after a sudden drop in earnings, Target’s price fell and I swooped up an additional 30 shares of the major retailer.  Now, I own 80 freaking shares and couldn’t be happier.  But the good great news didn’t stop there.  No, that investment also put me over a milestone that I have been eyeing for a few months now.    This last purchased pushed my forward dividend income over the $3,000 mark and you know what, there is no turning back now.   How did I get to this point?  Let’s take a look!

crushing it

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United Parcel Service (UPS) Stock Analysis

With the stock market still continuing it’s position at very high points – it has left us dividend value investors to find little-to no room to make a move.  There have been flashes of companies taking a few steps back, such as Target (TGT) and Apple (AAPL), but what other companies are out there that may have not been in the public news, but that still look attractive right now?  Well, I received a package in the mail the other day and had a conversation about what industries may be benefiting from low oil prices?  What about shipping companies?  Better yet… what about United Parcel service (UPS)?  Let’s find out!

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