Bert’s March Dividend Income Summary

Lanny said it best in his dividend income summary. The coronavirus has dominated everything lately, as it has taken our world and shaken it upside down.  Everyone is learning to adjust to the new, short-term reality, including individuals and businesses.  For me personally, I have cherished the opportunity to spend every day with my daughter, as I have worked at home exclusively. I’ve truly grown to appreciate seeing all the little things and seeing how much she grows and learns each day. This is a feeling that has just made me hungrier, and hungrier, for financial freedom.  And while all of this madness has been going on, the dividends have continued to quietly roll in. Let’s take a look at my March dividend income summary!

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Goal Accomplished – $3,250 in Annual Dividend Income!

I threw a teaser in my last purchase article by mentioning that there was something else that I wanted to share with the community.  Well, back when I was setting my goals for 2016, I pushed myself to achieve at least $3,250 in annual dividend income.  You guessed it….my last purchase of Realty income pushed me over this mark and my forward dividend income total now sits at $3,265.  Now, I’ll summarize how I was able to knock this goal out with just under two months to spare in 2016.


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Crossing $3,000 in Projected Dividend Income

What a journey it has been so far.   Last week, after a sudden drop in earnings, Target’s price fell and I swooped up an additional 30 shares of the major retailer.  Now, I own 80 freaking shares and couldn’t be happier.  But the good great news didn’t stop there.  No, that investment also put me over a milestone that I have been eyeing for a few months now.    This last purchased pushed my forward dividend income over the $3,000 mark and you know what, there is no turning back now.   How did I get to this point?  Let’s take a look!

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Lanny’s May Dividend Income Summary

Whoo!  Here we go!  The Cavs just clinched the Eastern Conference and are going to The Finals – beginning June 2nd, two of my best friends were married this month and I’m excited to see what opportunities lie ahead going into the last 7 months of the year.  The market has been essentially slightly up since the end of May, but not by much – however, we still do have Tuesday, May 31st to make a statement (I’d be happy with a 5% stock shock downwards… haha).  With that – let’s check out what dividends were received in this month of May 2016!

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Lanny’s April Dividend Income Summary

1/3 of the way finished with the year.  Only 8 more months to go, NBA playoff basketball is going wild right now and I just returned from a vacation and am about to depart to be in one of my best friends wedding this afternoon.  April was a wild month to push through, but something tells me – I haven’t seen anything yet.  However, enough of hearing me talk about the past and what’s to come, let’s get into the real deal April dividend income summary!

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Bert’s October Dividend Income Summary

Another month down.  Holy smokes, we are only two months away from 2016.  Man oh man does time fly by.  Kind of scary when you think about it.  Now that October has come to an end, it is time to put together my monthly dividend income summary and dissect one of the best feelings out there…receiving a dividend for doing absolutely nothing.  Without further ado, let’s review my October dividend income summary!

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Goal Accomplished: Investing $15,000 in “New” Capital

I’m excited!  I haven’t written one of these articles in a long time and it feels great to be back in the game.  My last purchase of Emerson Electric was significant for a few reasons.  There is the obvious significance that I now have a cost basis over $3,000 for an individual stock for the first time.   It is a powerhouse position in my portfolio and will be a great foundation stock in my portfolio for many years to come.  But more importantly, this last purchase helped me accomplish/defeat on of my 2015 investing goals!   Let’s see which goal I conquered and how I was able to do so in the first nine months of the year.goals Continue reading