Bert’s Goals

In early December, I put together a list of 5 goals for 2017.  Follow along as I track my progress during the year.  Here is a link to my most recent quarterly goals review analysis (3/31/17).

Goal #1: Add at Least $45,000* to My Portfolio – $7,842.74 through 3/31/17

Goal #2: Cross $6,250* in Forward Dividend Income – $4,641.01 as of 12/31/16

Goal #3: Stick to My Student Loan Payoff Plan – Boom – On pace as we paid $4,000 through the first quarter.

Goal #4: Read 1 Book per Month – Behind pace here as I only completed two books in the first quarter.

Goal #5:  Travel to 3 new places – 0 new places as of 3/31/17

17 thoughts on “Bert’s Goals

  1. Hi Bert, impressive blog and a lot to learn. one question: what sort of brokerage account do you use?
    Are you comparing your stock performance against high yield dividend ETF?

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