Bert’s Goals

In early December, I put together a list of 5 goals for 2017.  Follow along as I track my progress during the year.  Here is a link to my most recent quarterly goals review analysis (3/31/17).

Goal #1: Add at Least $45,000* to My Portfolio – $7,842.74 through 3/31/17

Goal #2: Cross $6,250* in Forward Dividend Income – $4,641.01 as of 12/31/16

Goal #3: Stick to My Student Loan Payoff Plan – Boom – On pace as we paid $4,000 through the first quarter.

Goal #4: Read 1 Book per Month – Behind pace here as I only completed two books in the first quarter.

Goal #5:  Travel to 3 new places – 0 new places as of 3/31/17

4 thoughts on “Bert’s Goals

  1. Hi Bert, impressive blog and a lot to learn. one question: what sort of brokerage account do you use?
    Are you comparing your stock performance against high yield dividend ETF?

  2. Was browsing the web looking for ideas of which stocks to invest in next. I figured I’d return the favor..
    My current holdings are: MMM, ABT, AA, AMZN, ARNC, BMY, CAT, CL, DE, F, HII, KHC, MSFT, NTNZ, NVDA, PFE, PG, QCOM, RTN, DIS, COP, JNJ, WFC.

    The most profitable for me has been JNJ, DE, HII, MMM, CAT and NVDA in that order (not including dividends).
    I tripped across your site and will be looking into GSK, PM, AFL, LMT, TGT, PEP and EMR. So, that gave me a few to consider and wanted to say thanks and wish you both best of luck.

    • Todd,

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment. I own JNJ and MMM and my wife holds CAT. Those investments have done very well for us and have produced some nice appreciation and dividend income. You just listed a fine list of companies that you will be following and possibly adding to your portfolio. Best of luck to you as well and hopefully we will continue to see you on our website and interact.



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