Bert’s February Dividend Stock Purchases

I thought the end of February was insane for the market.  During that time, I took advantage of some great deals in the  stock market.  But if March has proven anything to me, it is the importance of why you cannot try to time the market.  Each day presents a new set of twists and turns, as more information and details come to light about the coronavirus and those impacted.  The most important thing is we all do our best to stay healthy.  Like Lanny this week, who wrote about how his family added $230 in dividend income from purchases in February, I also wanted to take some time and summarize my stock purchases from February.

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Lanny’s July Dividend Income Summary

The hot summer month of July is officially in the books and it’s that time of the month to share the dividend income totals!  Not to keep rubbing it in – but I wonder the Cavs championship and the recent RNC in Cleveland has kept the steam in this engine running, or maybe it is cold hard capital that is keeping the train moving like the locomotive it is.  Either which way – another month is finished, another month towards the goals and another month towards financial freedom.  Without further-ado, let’s see how the month turned out – dividend income wise.

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Lanny’s April Dividend Income Summary

1/3 of the way finished with the year.  Only 8 more months to go, NBA playoff basketball is going wild right now and I just returned from a vacation and am about to depart to be in one of my best friends wedding this afternoon.  April was a wild month to push through, but something tells me – I haven’t seen anything yet.  However, enough of hearing me talk about the past and what’s to come, let’s get into the real deal April dividend income summary!

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Lanny’s June Dividend Income

6 months have passed!  It’s now a quarter end as well, giving us another homerun of a month for Dividend Income.  Also, as summer just turned the page to begin, let’s see if brighter sun and warmer weather also aligned with a blockbuster of a month for dividend income!

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Lanny’s July Dividend Income

Now that the hot month of July is coming to a close here in a few days, it’s time to reflect on the past month production from purchases and decisions you make within your investment portfolio.  The production being… DIVIDENDS.  You make decisions based on your analysis to purchase a stock (at least for our scenarios) to receive projected/estimated/declared future dividends.  July was another solid month, let’s see if I crossed the triple digits this month:

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May Dividend Increases!

All – this post will breakdown the dividend increase announcements from the month of May that we hold in our portfolios.  This is a great way to see if/when our individual stocks decide to give “more” earnings back to their shareholders – “us”!  Some months we may have a post, others we may not – it all depends if our companies that we own decide to increase.  We each will go through our portfolios and review any dividend increase announcement.  This is one of the trickling effects/ways to increase your portfolio, reinvest those dividends to increase your annual income!  And the cycle continues…

Dividend Increase Announcements – May

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Lanny’s March and April Dividend Investing Activity

Ha – eat that Bert, I’m going to give our readers two months worth of dividend investing activity.  Therefore, step your dividend game up.  All kidding aside, these will be the fun posts to put out there for the readers and it helps keep us all on track, think of different investments and share a bond. Continue reading