Three Frugal Habits to Save on Energy All Year

We all know this is the time of the year, especially for us Northerners, Easterners and Mid-Westerners, when the weather can be all over the place, similar to the stock market.  We literally had record-setting freezing temperatures, where if you were outside for minutes, frostbite would occur.  Only to have 60+ degree weather and be able to be outside with shorts and a t-shirt.  The topic of energy preservation, frugality and saving money really hit home from this, as well has assisting a few families on how they can save, each and every month.  Therefore, it’s time to list out THREE EASY habits to introduce, if not already, that will reduce energy and money, each and every month!

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Saving $2,000 on one House Project

I thought the title may lure you in.  My hands are beat up and dirty after the work that I did on Sunday, September 17th.  Let’s just say, I can now officially be called an Italian, as mixing and laying concrete was involved.  I’m excited to tell you about how I was able to save over $2,000 on one house project that I ended up doing myself.

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5 Ways to Save on a Vacation – Diplomat Style

Okay, so now that busy season is over, my wonderful girlfriend is doing quite a bit of a “fun” full court press for a vacation or a trip of some sort.  With the stress that’s occurred over the last few months – an all inclusive deal is being talked about.  Now – I won’t go off and pay for or book any vacation on the spur of the dime, the first mention of doing one or the knee jerk reaction.  The old-old Lanny would have done this maybe 10 years ago or so, but not Mr. “on the path to financial freedom” Lanny and how much further can we save for it and/or reduce the cost?  However – I do agree a trip, new adventures and a break is WELL needed and definitely think it would be a perfect idea, right now, yesterday and tomorrow.  So what did I/We do to analyze this?

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My Annoying $100 Loss

Over the last few weeks, my wife and I have been dealing with a slightly annoying situation at our home that in total, has put us about $100 in the hole.  Usually on this site, our non-stock annoyances are a result from the expenses of owning a car or some service provider unexpectedly increase their bill.  Not this time though and unfortunately, my wife and I had to bite a $100 bullet and accept the loss.

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What Price Would You Pay For Revenge?

The holidays are a great time to share stories with your family.  Have you noticed that the best ones seem to come out of nowhere, when you least expect it?  Well, my mom definitely had me laughing for a while with two hilarious stories about financial revenge from her life and I can’t stop think about how funnier they are.  But they have me thinking…how much money would you pay for sweet revenge?

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Pay Down the Mortgage or Invest: Part II – Rising Interest Rates

Now that the year of 2016 is wrapping up and we are only around 4-5 weeks away until we ring in the new year, I have been deeply thinking about my extra-mortgage payment paydown strategy.  Mortgage interest rates have been sky rocketing since the election, another element to showcase the rollercoaster ride that we are truly on.  This has caused me to potentially make a tweak or two to my strategy that I have had in play for the last few years.  Let’s see what I mean!

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