Combining My Health Savings Accounts and Adding Dividend Income Along the Way

There are always fun wrinkles when you change employers.  You cross your fingers and hope they have the same 401k brokerage, the same Health Savings Account provider, and same health insurance provider to make things easy.  Unfortunately for me, I struck out on all three.  After receiving my second HSA card in the mail a few months ago, I quickly became annoyed with having two accounts.  So I decided to look into this further and determine if I should keep two separate Health Savings Accounts or combine the two accounts.

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Lanny’s 2017 Portfolio Review

I  keep a copy in PDF of my portfolio every quarter, and have a deeper dive at 12/31, but this also provides a blog’d example of where I stand, so I can always refer back on the site the historical position of my portfolio.  As we have done in the prior years, this post will be an overall recap of my portfolio, the contributions, dividends going forward, dividends received, what I can analyze from the current position, etc..  It’s always fun to see what the year compiled into one snapshot of all of the hard work that goes into the dividend engine.  I am excited to see where it stands and what can be done going into this new year!  Let’s dive on in.  Continue reading

Dividend Investment Portfolio Crosses the $300,000 Mark

Three years and three or so months ago, my portfolio crossed the first six digit mark in it’s existence.  Back in June of 2014, the dividend investment portfolio crossed $100,000 in market value.  Now I never posted about the portfolio crossing $200,000, but something about $300,000 had a nice ring to it.  It took me over 5 years to get to $100,000 and only 3.25 short years to triple that amount.  I hope we all can take a pause to think about that for a second, as my article will be focused on HOW I was able to garner a $300,000 portfolio and how YOU can too.  Check out how I was able to cross and crush through the $300,000 dividend stock portfolio mark!

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Bert’s Q1 2017 Goals Review

With income summaries out the door, it is time to check up on my progress towards knocking out my 2017 goals.  Each quarter, I like to review my progress to determine if I need to change any habits or re-allocate resources to another area before it is too late.  Reviewing my March dividend income figures has me very excited to perform this review and see how I am progressing along.  So let’s dive on in and perform my Q1 2017 goals review!


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Take Risks – Nothing About Your Finances is Permanent

“Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so” – Moshe Feldenkrais

I was a little shocked, but I was able to find a quote that aligns perfectly with the message of this article.  This morning, I felt motivated to write this article because it finally hit me.  If you are unhappy with the status quo of your financial situation or are on the fence about trying a new personal finance strategy, why not take risks and go for gold?

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