Dividend Stock Quick Picks: Lanny’s Mid-June Stock List

dividend quick picks

Given that the stock market has had roaring days for the most part of June, outside of one very, deep red day, it is time to re-visit what dividend stocks I am watching. We will call this Lanny’s Mid-June Dividend Stock Quick Picks.  These companies are packed full of dividend history, growth and stand to do well during uncertain times! Continue reading

Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny’s April 2020 Summary

dividend stock purchase

April was overall another positive month for the market, after a wild ride down in the mid-to-end of March.  There were dividend suspensions across the retail industry and even dividend cuts, including one from a major oil player that did not cut their dividend since the World War days.  Time to dive into April’s dividend stock purchase activity!

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Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny’s March 2020 Summary

March was the most interesting month, in quite some time, to say the least.  We witnessed many down and up days of over 5%.  As I am typing this, the market has had their best 4 day run since 1974, literally 46 years ago.  This just goes to show you how low the market hit and even with this, the market is still undervalued.  Could this be a teaser upswing, to set us up for the next bear drop?  Who knows.  What I do know is that the dividend stock purchases continued through the month of March!

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Lanny’s Dividend Stock Purchase Activity – February 2020

On your journey to financial freedom or financial independence, you have to stay hungry out there.  The stock market volatility from the extreme news & outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) displayed opportunity and one has to be ready to strike on a dividend stock when the price is right.  Time to check out my February activity!

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Lanny’s October Dividend Income Summary

October was a busy month, no doubt and we eventually saw snowflakes on the first morning of November, yikes.  Even though it is getting cold in Cleveland, the Dividend Stock Portfolio always is heating up baby!  Without further-ado, time to jump into my October Dividend Income results!

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