Lanny’s Dividend Stock Purchase Activity – January 2020

On your journey to financial freedom or financial independence, you have to stay hungry out there.  The stock market showed opportunity and one has to be ready to strike on a dividend stock when the price is right.  Time to check out my January activity!

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Lanny’s July Dividend Stock Watch List

Now that June is over, it’s time to turn the page to July.  For some reason, with each new month, I have a feeling that it brings new opportunities.  By opportunities, I mean new stocks to have on the watch list, as there usually is never two consecutive watch lists that are the same.  I would say that goes to show you how much activity can happen, in such a short period of time.  Lebron just left Cleveland, again, and turning to look at stocks helps ease the pain of seeing a fellow-Akron-born native depart.  Without further-ado, here are my dividend stocks I am watching for July

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Lanny’s February Dividend Income Summary

Second month down and another month of dividends in.  I don’t know about you, but the dividend increases keep coming in hot, right off of the Tax Cuts, Jobs Act!  It’s been a very exciting time to keep in touch with the stocks you own, as you never know when the next company will be announcing a dividend increase.

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Lanny’s January Dividend Income Summary

Wow.  Here we are again everyone.  The first month of the year has come to a close.  31 days have flown by and another month of dividend income has been received.  As a CPA, this month has worn me down, to say the least.  Thank the Lord that dividend income continues to fuel the portfolio to new heights and continues to march on when I am struggling for time, research and spending time with loved ones.  January was a great start for dividend income and I am proud to present the results to the community.

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Lanny’s October Dividend Income Summary

Who else is ready for the final push of the year on the dividend stock investing front?  Even though time is going by fast, we still need to take time and analyze how performance has been on the dividend income front.  Without analyzing the pure numbers, how can one improve?  The leaves are falling fast, weather is dropping, the heat is on in the house and my dividend stock portfolio is warming up right along with it.  If only I can be financial independent with my dividend income right about now, would be icing on the cake.  Let’s check out my October 2017 dividend income total!

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Cisco (CSCO) X 2

The captain is back in the steering wheel and I directed the ship to another stock investment purchase.  This so happened to occur on August 1st and felt nice to start the month off with deployment of fresh capital.  As I look to close out the last 5 months of the year strong, i made an additional investment purchase into Cisco (CSCO) as the dividend metrics were right up my alley.  It’s time to jump into my stock purchase, in order to find out why and how the dividend metrics appeared.

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Lanny’s August Dividend Stock Watch List

It’s that time of the month, where I have my calculator, the pen & pencil & I start analyzing what I love most, dividend stocks, and to see which companies have a chance to be on my watch list.  I like to come out with the watch list towards the end of the month, as I line up my capital troops to see where they may be deployed.  I did not make any investment stock purchases in July, yet, and the capital lineup is getting bigger.

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