Dividend Increases – Expected in June 2020 -(Hopefully)

dividend increases, dividend increases in February, Dividend Aristocrats

Dividend increases are the name of the game.  We love them, we monitor them, and are constantly watching each stock in our portfolio and watchlist for news about them. Why? The impact of increases on your dividend income streak is real and is pivotal for your journey to financial freedom.  It only makes sense that each month, we write about the expected dividend increases and review the actual announcements from the last month. Here is the next installment of the “Expected dividend increases” segment!

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Dividend Income Summary: Lanny’s April 2020 Summary

dividend income

Another month in and another month down.  The coronavirus pandemic has now lasted 7+ weeks here in Ohio and let’s just say – I want this to end, bad.  However, the dividend checks continue to roll in, though on a much bumpier road.  Let’s take a moment and take a look at the dividend income results for April.

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Dividend Income Summary: Bert’s April 2020 Summary

Dividend Income, dividend stocks, January dividend

Another month is in the books.  From a percent increase standpoint, the stock market crushed it. However, there was much more to the story, as the company is well below its pre-pandemic highs still.  There is a significant amount of unease and uncertainty in the marketplace. Will the economic relief packages work? When will the economy re-open safely? How many more companies will cut their dividend? All of these questions remain unanswered and and are fueling this uncertainty. But still, despite this, there is plenty of positive news for dividend investors.  During these turbulent times, the dividends continue to roll in and provide us with an additional, passive income source.  In this article, I’ll perform my April dividend income summary and highlight the previous month!

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March 2020 Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

March dividend income

We are in the heart of the coronavirus (COID-19) pandemic.  This is a truly unique time, something that neither of us have seen during our investing careers.  For the first time, companies in our portfolios have announced more dividend cuts than dividend increases in a month and the worst may still not be over.  The price of oil is plummeting and the dividends for major integrated oil companies are hanging on by a thread. Continue reading

Bert’s March Dividend Income Summary

Lanny said it best in his dividend income summary. The coronavirus has dominated everything lately, as it has taken our world and shaken it upside down.  Everyone is learning to adjust to the new, short-term reality, including individuals and businesses.  For me personally, I have cherished the opportunity to spend every day with my daughter, as I have worked at home exclusively. I’ve truly grown to appreciate seeing all the little things and seeing how much she grows and learns each day. This is a feeling that has just made me hungrier, and hungrier, for financial freedom.  And while all of this madness has been going on, the dividends have continued to quietly roll in. Let’s take a look at my March dividend income summary!

Dividend Income, dividend stocks, January dividend

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Dividend Aristocrats – Who & What are They

dividend, what is a dividend?, explaining a dividend

The name of the game is dividend investing.  For nearly 6 years, we have talked non-stop about dividend growth investing on this website.  We are always talking about Dividend Aristocrats, as we always focus on finding companies that increase their dividend.  However, I realized that we have never taken a step back to explain what companies are Dividend Aristocrats and discuss what makes them so desirable.  So today, we will do just that.  Enjoy the next installment of our Investing 101 series!

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Lanny’s March Dividend Income Summary

The Coronavirus has dominated everything lately.  The news, the stock market, workplaces, families, life events, LIVES, you name it.

Let’s stay positive and think about all of the GOOD things we have and can control.  We realize now, more than ever, how little we need to be happy and have a life w can thrive in.  We remember those that we truly love.  There are many positives we can take from this. I have also been very thankful that dividend income continues to roll in, day in and day out.  Let’s take a moment and take a look at the dividend income results for March.

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