Fundrise Review – A New Investment, Pros & Cons

fundrise, real estate investing

My wife and I had a long discussion in early February, I believe February 3rd was the date.  This was after the stock market surged through the first month of January.  We could not find an undervalued dividend stock that fit perfectly in our portfolios.  Furthermore, we had quite the position in the equity market.  On the other hand, this is not specifically a bad position, but it was truly weighing on my mind for quite some time. Then, we found and researched the real estate investing platform of Fundrise.

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How I’ve Made Over $1,000 on Swagbucks!

The side hustle activity is on!  Each day, week and month, I track the income and expenses that are going in and out.  This also includes tracking the extra income that you receive, even from side hustle/free ways to bring in extra income on the side.  One of those fun activities that I add to my day have earned me well over $1,000.  It all comes down to using the internet in a better way to add value to what is currently needed in your life (saving, invest, etc..).  Find out how I have earned over $1,000 using a certain site : )  Continue reading

Side Hustles at Home

We all want to make money, and it’s even more fun to make money on the side.  Have you ever considered side hustles at home?  Ever look around each room and ask yourself, do I still use, need or know what “that” is even for?  How many of us have old phones, computers, TVs, clothes that are bursting out of the seems of the walls, within the place we live?  This article drives to talk about how create side hustles at home and enjoy the benefits.  Benefits, such as, the way to clear out the clutter and put extra capital in our pockets.

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August Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

We first published this article in May and have not looked back since!  We are a community here and are all focused on the same end goal:  achieving financial freedom through dividend investing.   We all share our successes and encourage each other to push ourselves to the max so we can reach the end goal as soon as possible.  This article will contain a summary of August Dividend Income blog posts throughout the community.   The list is in no particular order and if we inadvertently omitted our income summary, please share your results in the comments section and we will do our best to include you going forward.   Let’s take a look at how this wonderful community of bloggers performed in August!

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The Cost of Golfing

For the past 8 years, I have been trying (and failing) to become an average  golfer.  I found an un-discovered passion for the game and have been working to get better each year.  Over this period, my uncle and friends have spent countless hours on the beautiful courses watching me hit a ball 50 yards, curse, and sometimes throw my club in anger.  I commend them for their patience, because it happens much more frequently than it should.  It seems I have reached my potential as a self-taught golfer and part of it is my fault for not putting in a better effort to learn/spending the money to take lessons and learn the right way.  I have tried and failed at teaching myself to golf.   What lies ahead is a serious investment to improve my game. The question is….is it really worth it?

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Increasing My Cash Flow by Moving & Tips for Minimizing Moving Costs

At the beginning of July I moved into my new place, the second floor of a duplex in an amazing area.   And so far, I love the place (I’ll spare you the boring details about the place).  Not only is the place really nice, another major benefit is that it will also increase my savings account.  Now that I am finally settled in and mostly unpacked, I will finally take a hard look at just how much I will be saving by living in the new apartment.  In this article, I will calculate my monthly and annual savings from moving apartments and will provide tips on minimizing moving costs while furnishing a new apartment.

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