How I’ve Made Over $1,000 on Swagbucks!

The side hustle activity is on!  Each day, week and month, I track the income and expenses that are going in and out.  This also includes tracking the extra income that you receive, even from side hustle/free ways to bring in extra income on the side.  One of those fun activities that I add to my day have earned me well over $1,000.  It all comes down to using the internet in a better way to add value to what is currently needed in your life (saving, invest, etc..).  Find out how I have earned over $1,000 using a certain site : ) 

swagbucks Update – Proof is in the pudding

As everyone remembers, there are many side hustles and easy things you can be doing at home to make extra side-income.  One of those can be the use of and having fun with – Swagbucks!  I have been using the site for some time to – watch trailers, videos, read articles, shop online, buy gift cards, search for normal “things”, etc… and the best part of using the site is… ready for it?  It pays you to perform these actions!  I also had forgotten to mention- survey taking, ranging from 2 minutes to 25 minutes long with also a spectrum of swagbucks as a reward to perform the survey.  I typically earn around 75-250 swagbucks per day or the equivalent of $0.75-$2.50 per day, by doing things I normally do – using a search engine, watching videos, movie trailers, etc..  It is so easy and does not alter or impact my day at all.  I looked at my lifetime earnings and have snipped below the proof of my earnings of over 95,000 swagbucks: 

Yes, you have seen/read that right – 74,707 whopping swagbucks.  This translates into approximately ~$1,000 (as my amazon gift cards of $25, are typically at 10%+ discount!).   Here is a sign up banner, yes, sadly this is a referral banner, but I support them, want to spread the news and want everyone to enjoy these benefits as well:


My Top 5 Things to do on Swagbucks

When thinking of swagbucks and what are the biggest bang I receive for using their site, would have to be the following items below.  I’ll list hem out, provide a description and time table it takes:

1.) Searching.  This has to be by far the easiest and quickest form to earn swagbucks.  Approximate time is 1-3 seconds.  Ever use Google?  I thought you would say a resounding/dumbfounded “Yes”.  Well with SB, you can perform your normal searches over the web on their site and earn swagbucks for it, it’s too damn easy.

2.) Surveys.  if you really want to have the focus of earning swagbucks, then surveys are your best bet, as I’ve spent sometimes 2-5 minutes answering a survey for 100-200 swagbucks, boom done.  This is definitely a fun way to actually provide some valuable insight.

3.) Videos.  I love laying in bed at night and watching a few of my favorite movie trailers.  Typically, a handful of them are worth a few swagbucks.  I used to watch them on IMDB, but now I get paid to watch them.

4.) Polls.  I answer the daily poll questions that are easy and fun, takes around 3-5 seconds to answer for swagbucks.

5.) Offers.  Occasionally I will place my name in a mailer or complete some other form of offer to earn between 10 – 50 swagbucks, that can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.  Worth it, but the e-mail can become burdensome, potentially.

Here is the real proof of my swagbucks cash outs for real awards:


In summary – these are easy, fun, free things you can do to earn these swagbucks, which translates into real money!

Swagbucks Potential – Example

For earning this $1,000, approximately, one can invest and buy a stock at 3.50%, nothing unreasonable, in fact – I did it with my recent Target (TGT) purchase.  Let’s just use assumptions here, and say – with a 3.50% yield, a 7% dividend growth rate and a 7% stock appreciate rate, what would this look like in 15 years?  $3,700!!  Also, you definitely have more than tripled your investment income going forward on this.

What does this really mean?  Each and every dollar counts.  I cannot preach that ever more now, than ever.  With the volatile stock market ahead of us, one can benefit from having as much cash possible for cushion purposes, as well as investment purposes.  Also, I happen to love cashing out $25 from performing searches online and watching new movie trailers for upcoming movies, this stuff is actually fun!

To conclude, with all of these being said – how likely are you to sign up for swag bucks?  Do you see a benefit from using this site?  Have you used it before, and if so, what has been your experiences?  What has been your downside to this and you upside to using this service?  All of the comments are definitely appreciated!  I’m exciting to hear back and read your comments, so please, please leave below!  Hope everyone is having a great start to the week, talk soon.  Also, please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions, in regards to using swagbucks.  Thanks again and talk soon.



23 thoughts on “How I’ve Made Over $1,000 on Swagbucks!

  1. Definitely not worth the time. I tried it out and spent four to five hours on there and have only earned a few hundred swag bucks for the equivalent of $3 to $4 (which comes out to less than $1 per hour).

    Your lifetime earnings is impressive, however how much of this came from referrals, and not actual time spent doing tasks?

    As far as the surveys go I rarely qualify for any of them. Worst of all they’ll have you answer 2-3 minutes of questions before you even find out that you don’t qualify, wasting even more of your time.

    Others may have had different experiences but thus far it’s been a huge waste of time for me.

    Unless you are referring people constantly (which I imagine earns deacent swag bucks) the amount earned for the time spent doesn’t add up in my opinion.

    • Mark –

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Most comes from tasks, I think out of 75K, about 5K have come from referrals?

      I just use this tool for fun/things I normally do – like watch videos, search the internet and answer the random polling questions. Also – there’s this video review offer that runs in the background that earns me 3-4 each time; it’s not too bad and all adds up!


  2. Hi Lanny,

    It sounds like a nice way to earn some cash, and an extra $750 is not too shabby. In addition to the comment above, how long did it took to get there? I imagine it’s easy money, but I’m wondering how much time it takes. In the Netherlands, I fill in a survey once in a while to earn a few bucks. I estimate it would take around a year to get to 50 euro. I don’t really see it as extra income, but just some extra spending money. So in comparison, Swagbucks seems much more interesting!

    Do you know if Swagbucks is US only, or also available in Europe? I’ve never heard of it before.

    • Divnomics –

      Most have been done within the last year or so; but no real “focused time” spent on it, so looking back it’s a – holy crap moment!

      Not sure if the Netherlands works? Have you tried to sign up and try it out??? Let me know!!


      • Hi Lanny,

        Only the last year? It is really a holy crap moment. Well done!

        I’ve actually wanted to sign up via the referral (might give you some extra while trying), but it didn’t work. When signing up it does absolutely nothing, not even a comment that I’m from the wrong region. Still, this one will not be working out for me.

  3. Nice job Lanny, not a bad amount. I did sign up to Swagbucks a couple of years ago, but unless you can get the referrals it’s not a great money earner. There are some survey sites where you can earn a lot more per hour for your survey time. I used to do a LOT of surveys before starting the blog.


    • Tristan –

      Right, I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest buck earner, it definitely is nice though to earn for searching! Not too many referrals, but just search, watch movie trailers, and will perform the occasional offer/survey. Keeps things interesting, helps pay for either a purchase, trading fees, etc.. Swagging on!


  4. I made the mistake of giving my real phone number in the polls at Swagbucks and now my phone is getting bombarded with bot calls. Anyways, Swagbucks is nice for getting cash back on certain sites. I referred a friend of mine and he got 11% back on his $5,000 vacation (flight & hotels). I think I will get 10% of what he gets (hopefully), which is nice. I also got cash back on a couple of hotel stays.

    Have you gotten the majority of your Swagbucks from cash back, referrals, or actually doing tasks?

    I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    • Viking –

      Ah, gotcha. I typically avoid the phone number polls/offers. Damn, 11% on $5K – not too shabby, and you got a kick back for that? Which is AWESOME. I usually get my swagbucks from these top 3 ways: Searches, Surveys, Simple/easy Offers. Then, for fun, I watch videos/trailers. I have used them a few times for hotel stays/buying things online, but I have found out… I don’t buy too many things outside of your normal daily use items, anymore haha. Thank you for sharing!!


  5. I’ve gotten well over $1,000 from using Swagbucks. I’ve been using $25 a month to make a commission-free purchase through Loyal3 after getting PayPal cash to post. It’s pretty legit.

    • Chris –

      Thank you so much for sharing your earnings report! I should go back through and actually tally everything, conservatively – I stated $750, but I actually may be more towards the $900-$1000 with the amazon bonuses, used to cash them quite a bit. Nice job racking in at least $25/month. Appreciate the pump up as well!


    • CDiv –

      Never even heard of the Mechanical Turk, the heck is that?! haha. I typically search what I would search using Google, with their site, answer questions/surveys and let the swagbucks roll. Not a bad thing to do when you’re taking a break, relaxing on a couch or searching for things online.

      -Lanny B.

  6. I’ve made over $3500 on Swagbucks since 2014. It would not break down to a lot per hour, but they have earning methods that I can run in the background while I’m on the computer for my regular work. I have heard that it’s a lot tougher for people who are outside the U.S.

  7. I’ve never really given these free money for survey things serious but after seeing that it worked for you guys I think I’m going to give it a go! Also, you’ll get a nice bonus for me clicking through your referral also?
    Thanks guys, I’ve really enjoyed following your journey.

    • Diligent –

      Thanks for coming by, always appreciate it! Yep, this one is legit, and actually, just crossed 1,300 swagbucks now and am > half way through to another $25 gift card. The best is searching, doing the polls and then filling out surveys if you wish. Yep – for the referral side of things, I believe you may receive around 10% of what they are receiving in swagbucks, so always a huge perk. It all helps in making every dollar count in my book, hands down. Let me know if you have any questions about the site or if you want assistance on the best way to earn the swagbucks! Thanks again DD.


  8. Just started using Swagbucks as well.

    If you treat it as a truly passive income stream (e.g. use it for search, watching videos, shopping), then it is a no-brainer: get money for what you are doing anyways. I will echo the comments about the horrible survey experiences, and the minimum swagbucks for “active” income (e.g. surveys): you spend 20 minutes to earn 75 swagbucks, which amounts to a hourly 225 swagbucks/hour = $2.25/hour. Much less than minimum wage!

    So for the haters: do not treat it as *active* income. Treat it as passive!

  9. i Have been doing it for some years,it worked out good so far for me.i dont try to spend too much time on it.
    earlier it was easier when they had so many apps with few requirements.

    • Desi –

      Yep! Very few requirements on the apps, wish they worked better on the android on those bad boys : ). I let a lot of it run and perform in the background, I hit over a 20 SB search today, and loved it – just for searching up an SEC filing. Letting it all dance in!


  10. I really like using Swagbucks. I mostly do mobile videos. I used to do the ncrave, but they started having issues with malware so I stopped watching those. It’s been a few months since so I have no clue if they’ve fixed it or not. By the time I went to upgrade from my iphone 4 no one wanted it because it was so old and outdated. But, it still connects to wifi. So I kept it and pretty much keep it playing SB videos all the time. I do the random survey here and there but not often. I also use them for shopping online. Well, them and ebates, I use whichever one has the highest % back. I’m averaging $50-$75 most months. It’s made a nice difference for us. I typically get Home Depot gift cards and so we keep our house in shape with it 🙂

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