Dividends Tax Rate – Understanding How Dividends are Taxed

Now that the first month of 2020 is almost over, it’s time to really start thinking and working on taxes.  I am sure many of us are gathering tax-related documents for 2019, as well as (should be) planning for 2020 taxes.  Documents that will pour in are 1098-INT, 1099-INT and… 1099-DIV for dividends received.  Today’s investing topic is about bringing awareness to Dividends and Taxes!

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Bert’s Fundrise Investment Details


Earlier in the year, Lanny introduced me to a new investment option.  In his effort to diversify his holdings, he was looking for an alternative to equities.  He shared Fundrise with me and like him, I really liked what I read.  So I quickly signed up to invest.  This article will discuss my Fundrise investment, the performance of the portfolio since my initial investment, and other facts about the real estate, crowdsourcing website.

Learn more about Fundrise, their background, and investment opportunities here!

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Lanny’s July Dividend Stock Watch List

It’s hot, no doubt.  The Cleveland Indians are on a roll this month and we are heading into the All Star Break soon.  Further, we went through a drop on our rollercoaster stock market ride and are riding the hill back up in June!  Similar to what they say as you hop in for the ride, you better buckle up!  Though the stock market ride is not controllable, dividends and dividend stock opportunities are there.  It’s time to check out my dividend stock watch list.

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Bumped Investing App – Initial Review

Hot off the presses!  There is a new investing application for your smartphone in town and this is set to change the investing game, BIG TIME.  I am not talking about just for those that already invest but I am talking about those who believe there is too much work, stress and lack of understanding to invest.  Please continue reading to see what application is going to CHANGE THE GAME!

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Bert’s July Dividend Income Summary

Another month down. July is always a fun month because it is my birthday month!  This year, I finally entered my final year in my 20s and will be enjoying this victory lap before I enter my 30s.  The market was interesting this month and there were several weeks where there weren’t any investment opportunities jumping off the screen at me or Lanny.  But then the end of the month struck!   But I’ll save the details for the article…..Here is my July dividend income summary!

dividend income

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Bert’s Recent Buys – PG and SBUX

Last week, with a volatile stock market, I decided to jump right back into the action. All of us have been watching this market closely and getting excited about the opportunities that have started to present themselves.    I had some extra cash on hand and wanted to add to several positions in my portfolio.  After some research, my investment decisions were made and I found the two stocks I wanted to purchase.  Here is why I purchased shares of Procter and Gamble (PG) and Starbucks (SBUX) last week.    


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Lanny’s March Dividend Income Summary

One of the best months of dividend income to report.  As dividend investors, we love the quarter ends, due to being the most popular month, as well as an even better month for those that have mutual funds and/or ETFs.  The busy season is slowly slowing down, gosh I wish it would end, but dividend income always keeps me at least going for the time being.

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