Bert’s Fundrise Investment Details


Earlier in the year, Lanny introduced me to a new investment option.  In his effort to diversify his holdings, he was looking for an alternative to equities.  He shared Fundrise with me and like him, I really liked what I read.  So I quickly signed up to invest.  This article will discuss my Fundrise investment, the performance of the portfolio since my initial investment, and other facts about the real estate, crowdsourcing website.

Learn more about Fundrise, their background, and investment opportunities here!

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Bert’s March Dividend Stock Purchases

What a crazy week this has been for me.  Life comes at you fast sometimes and you have to be willing to absorb some punches and go with the flow.  I couldn’t be happier with how things have shaken out this week and I can’t wait to eventually write about it all.  Finally, with a few hours to concentrate, I wanted to share with you a couple of dividend stock purchases I made in March.  Nothing crazy, but as always, we like to be fully transparent with the community.  Plus, these names have been featured on our watch lists recently.   Let’s check out the stocks that I purchased and added to my portfolio!

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Bert’s Recent Purchases – AT&T (T) and Dominion Energy (D)

This was a busy week.  After a month or so, my wife’s Roth IRA finally transferred from Capital One Investing to Ally Investing.  With this transfer came a sign-up bonus and free trades for 3 months.   So if you haven’t noticed, Lanny and I have been busy putting these free trades to work.  We’ve had plenty of small purchases!  When my wife’s account transferred over, there was some cash available from previous transfers and liquidated partial shares.  So I decided to put the money to work and add to two positions that she currently owned!

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Recent Buy – ADM

Well, I couldn’t stay on the sidelines too long in 2016.   I am AMPED and ready to start the year off strong after setting my goals and realizing that I have some serious work to do.   One of the stocks I already own has been trading at a discount of late and let me tell you, I just couldn’t hold off any longer.  Let’s dive right in and see which company won the honor of being my first stock purchased in 2016 (If the title hasn’t given it away already). Buying Stocks

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Bert’s December Watch List

First of all, I want to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Today is such a great day as you get to sit down with family, share stories, exchange gifts, and spend some time catching up with each other.   Hopefully everyone is having a relaxing, special, day off.  I know Lanny and I are.   A few days ago, I published my 2016 goals article and I have been inspired over the last few days to find some great dividend growth stocks to add to my portfolio.   After all is said in done, there have been two stocks recently that I keep coming back to and wanting to add to my position/initiate a position in my portfolio.  Here is my December Watch List everyone!

Watch List

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Lanny’s March Dividend Income

As time passes, so does a month of collecting dividend income.  I am astounded by the first quarter already being in the books and my busy season feeling like it is 80% over.  How wild is that?  My fourth full busy season is just about up.  Almost 900 hours later (that’s insanity in human terms) and I’m writing my quarter end, month of March Dividend post.  Enough about busy season, let’s talk dividend income!

dividend income

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