Bert’s December Dividend Stock Watch List

The holiday spirit is in the air and we are closing in on the end of 2018.  With Lanny serving a healthy dose of inspiration by sharing with all of us that he crushed a major dividend investing milestone ($12,000 in annual dividend income, aka $1,000/month), I’m as motivated as ever to continue investing as much capital as possible into income producing assets.  So today, I sat down and put together my initial December dividend stock watch list.  There are a handful of companies on this listing, so lets dive right in!

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Should I Sell Schlumberger (SLB)?

This morning, I was updating my portfolio sipping on a nice, warm cup of coffee updating my portfolio with all the madness/dividend income that has trickled in so far in March.  There is a reason why the third quarter of the month is everyone’s favorite dividend month, right?   After re-reading Lanny’s article about updating you portfolio’s P/E Ratio on a regular basis, I became inspired to review one of the stocks that I have considered selling for a while now.  I’ve been debating if the stock still fits the characteristics I look for in a dividend growth stock, so I thought today would be a perfect day to re-run Schlumberger (SLB) through the Dividend Diplomats Stock Screener and see if action is necessary.


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Bert’s November Dividend Income Summary

The crazy, turbulent month of November 2016 has finally come to a close.  But you know what November coming to a close means, right?  The best darn dividend month of the year is set to begin and I am as intrigued as every what December will have in store for us.   Before I begin looking too far forward, it is time to summarize the past month and the dividend income I earned.  How did I perform compared to November 2015 and was I able to achieve a higher year over year dividend growth rate compared to Lanny?  Time to find out!

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Recent Buy – ADM

Well, I couldn’t stay on the sidelines too long in 2016.   I am AMPED and ready to start the year off strong after setting my goals and realizing that I have some serious work to do.   One of the stocks I already own has been trading at a discount of late and let me tell you, I just couldn’t hold off any longer.  Let’s dive right in and see which company won the honor of being my first stock purchased in 2016 (If the title hasn’t given it away already). Buying Stocks

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December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Another month has passed by and you know what that means…time to check out how well us and others in the community performed in December.  This is our favorite month to receive dividends since we get those massive (hopefully) capital gains distributions from our mutual funds.  So we are expecting to see many records here folks!   Let’s have a look at DEcember’s dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!  Each name has a link to each blogger’s respective income article, so please click the link if you want to read about their month in great detail.  Continue reading

The Reminder of being a Dividend Growth Investor from KMI’s News

SMACK!  The thunderous market was turmoiling, lower and lower.  Kinder Morgan (KMI) was taking a beating.  They just announced news about additional investments, further deteriorating the credit quality by the rating indexes.  From trading at $42.81 to begin the year and then plummeting downward to a spiral collapse at $16.42 on the close of 12/7, is truly amazing, a 62% decline from one of the Nation’s biggest/largest oil pipeline companies.  Management kept enamoring a dividend focused strategy, to set increases at a % growth rate each year, and then committing by showing/increasing the dividend throughout the year.   Interesting how the year really can unfold…  Continue reading

Recent Buy (KMI) & Crossing an Investing Milestone

It turns out that Lanny was not the only one with an itch to buy.   I have been watching the market closely over the last few weeks calculating an entry point for one of the stocks on my watch list, WalMart, when another great dividend stock appeared out of nowhere.  Just like Lanny, I couldn’t resist purchasing one of the darlings of the dividend growth investing community.   This week, I also invested in Kinder Morgan (KMI).

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