Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

Spring is finally in the air and the second quarter is well under.   Ah, the perfect time to sit down, relax, and review my dividend income figures from the last month.  It is always nice to see what changes your portfolio had over the last twelve months, which seems like a long period of time but somehow flies by.   Last month in our blogging community dividend income summary, we saw so many people producing crazy results, setting records, and setting the bar insanely high.  Now, it is time to see if I can follow the lead of all of you.  Time to check out my April dividend income summary!

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Bert’s July Dividend Income Summary

After coming off the highs of our June dividend income summary, we now get to report on the lowly first month of the quarter now that July has come to a close.    Last month, I was able to post a 56% annual growth rate, and a lot of that had to do with the purchases I had in the first half of the year.  Some how, some way, all those purchases seemed to pay a dividend in the third month of the quarter!   I’m not expecting those kind of results here, so let’s see how I performed during the month and if I was able to defeat Lanny’s dividend growth rate during July.  Here is my July dividend income summary!

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August Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

We first published this article in May and have not looked back since!  We are a community here and are all focused on the same end goal:  achieving financial freedom through dividend investing.   We all share our successes and encourage each other to push ourselves to the max so we can reach the end goal as soon as possible.  This article will contain a summary of August Dividend Income blog posts throughout the community.   The list is in no particular order and if we inadvertently omitted our income summary, please share your results in the comments section and we will do our best to include you going forward.   Let’s take a look at how this wonderful community of bloggers performed in August!

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Scotts Miracle Gro Dividend Hike & $2.00 Special Dividend!

I was wondering what was going to blossom from the fertilizer of Scotts Miracle Gro from their earnings performance so far this year!  I love surprises and holding on the edge of my seat – especially when it comes to dividend announcements and increases.   Continue reading