Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW) X 2

Well, with my first purchase of W.W. Grainger (GWW) at $193.78, the market took it for a $13+ slide or almost 7%.  If I bought the aristocrat then, then why the heck wouldn’t I buy it on a sharp decline due to guidance going forward?  An aristocrat is usually an aristocrat for a reason.  With that, it was time for me to not only get back on the driver seat, but to get back into the GWW lane this past Tuesday, where I made my second round purchase!

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Procter & Gamble (PG)

Kicking off the year with a dividend aristocrat stock purchase!  What better name to buy than to have a stock purchase towards the brand that is in your cousins cupboard or bathroom, that is on your neighbor’s shelf or heck, a brand that you just brushed your teeth with using Crest!  I am talking about Procter & Gamble, based in Cincinnati, Ohio!  This isn’t the first time I have purchased them, but I am very excited that I was able to add this bolster-branded company to my dividend producing portfolio!  Check out the details below!

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Recent Buy – Realty Income (O)

I figured you all would see this coming considering one of my last posts and involved performing a dividend stock analysis over one of the most population REITs in the dividend investing community and I recently featured the company on my last watch list.   But this week, I took some capital off the sidelines and put it back into the market as stock prices continue to tumble.  Time to share with you the newest addition to my portfolio, Realty Income (O)!

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Why I Haven’t Purchased a Stock in 30 Days

30 days everyone.  It has been a long 30 days since I have purchased a stock.  An investment.  A bridge stone to financial freedom and it feels… well, there really isn’t one word for it.  It is weird, fast and unusual, to say the least.  As I sit and see the calendar continue to gain momentum towards, now, the end of March, I sit back and think, whoa, it’s been over 4 weeks since an investment move has been made.  Why?  Here is what I was able to come up with.


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Seagate Technologies (STX) Stock Analysis


Now seems to be a pretty good time to perform a stock analysis as we approach the middle of the month!  We have had ups and downs within the Market and it really can’t decide which way it truly wants to go.  With interest rates remaining on hold (thanks Fed… – was really hoping for a bigger discount, kidding!), the market has been a tick upwards over the last 1-2 weeks.  I wanted to hop into a sector and stock that has been beaten down this year with what is perceived to be sound dividend metrics.   How about the technology sector? Seagate Technologies (STX) – you are up!seagate

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Bert’s Recent Buy – EMR…too

Yesterday was a very fun day for me as I quickly went from a passive trader who was standing to the sideline in a matter of minutes.  My purchase on Friday shared a lot of parallels with a situation from a month or two ago, which resulted in learning a valuable investing about always having a watch list prepared.  The best part…the result was different and I couldn’t be happier.  See why I purchased Emerson Electric (EMR) yesterday.

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Walt Disney Co. (DIS) Stock Analysis

What a great time to come out with a dividend stock analysis, with the market taking a burn down, AGAIN.  This has allowed other stocks to pop up on the radar and intrigues me to dig a little deeper on a few stocks.  This time – we are going coast to coast, from country to country and I am getting geared up to have a nice little Fantasia on what Disney is all about.  We all grew up watching Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the gang as a kid, now time to look at them again as an adult or a dividend stock investor.  Let’s see what magic we can find here!

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