Recent Buy – Realty Income (O)

I figured you all would see this coming considering one of my last posts and involved performing a dividend stock analysis over one of the most population REITs in the dividend investing community and I recently featured the company on my last watch list.   But this week, I took some capital off the sidelines and put it back into the market as stock prices continue to tumble.  Time to share with you the newest addition to my portfolio, Realty Income (O)!

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Bert’s October Stock Watch List

My last two articles have been reviewing my past performance, checking in on my goals through the end of September and reviewing my September dividend income.  Both of the articles were showing that my portfolio and dividend income are trending in the right direction.  With three months to spare, I’m looking to keep that momentum going.   So I took some time tonight to prepare my October stock watch list and see if I can pinpoint a few stocks to keep a close eye on over the next several weeks.


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Bert’s Recent Buy – Target (TGT)

I just couldn’t sit on the sideline any longer.  For those of you that have followed our blog over the last month, you would have realized that there was one stock I have been fixated on…Target (TGT).  It was the number 1 stock on my June watch list for a reason.  Over the month, I was patiently waited for the right moment to strike.  When I went to buy, the stock price increased.  When I wasn’t able t access the internet to actually purchase the stock, the price fell.   Finally, the stars aligned as the markets had two terrible days after the Brexit situation.   Time to check out why and most importantly, how much TGT stock I purchased this week!

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Black Friday Shopping & Thanksgiving – Frugal Style!

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holy SH&T Saturday – you name it, the Thanksgiving week has many nicknames for each day for shopping.  What does all of this really lead to?  Broke Tuesday.  As we come to the holiday season, Thanksgiving, let’s remember to keep our frugal hats on as much as possible and cherish what’s really important, as well as keeper our pockets a little tighter by not falling into the “Jones'” or the social media trends that are blasting us to buy a new 70 inch LED TV, Gaming System, Phone, Laptop, Jacket, Shoes and a new car.  Is that what it’s all about?  Let’s take a look at the way to balance it, why it’s okay to find an item or two that you need and what the holiday can truly be celebrated as.

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My Journey to Lower My Monthly Car Payment – Part 1

Since I gladly accepted the Dividend Diplomats 60% Savings Challenge, I have been brainstorming ways to increase my savings rate by both increasing income and reducing expenses.  Let me tell you, it is fun brainstorming all the different ways you can accomplish this.  A simple internet search will provide you with many creative, simple ways that you have probably never considered.   After reviewing my expenses the last couple of months, there is one elephant in the room for my expenses: my car.  Over the last month I have been working on reducing this expense.  This article will walk you through my current situation and what I have learned over the last month.

Car Payment


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Frugally Upgrading My Television for Less Than $100

My girlfriend and I are planning on upgrading my television in the near future and we have been discussing an upgrade since we moved in together in July.  A few years ago I bought a flat-screen, non-smart LED television and I love the purchase.  But as we all know, electronics evolve at a rapid pace and today’s latest and greatest becomes an antique within only a few years.   To get the most out of our cable, tablets, and other devices, we decided that we need an upgrade.   With our credit cards in hand, we set out on a voyage to frugally improve our “out-dated” television.  Let’s see what we decided.

Upgrading My Television

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