Why I’m Considering Cutting the Cord & Dropping Cable

Lanny inspired me this week to call my cable provider, AT&T, and see if I could reduce my current monthly bill of about $110/month.  I know this is extremely expensive and the bill is almost split evenly between internet and TV.   However, unlike his success story of helping his family reduce their bill, I left my phone conversation frustrated and craving some better alternatives.  Darn you AT&T, why must you pay me such a great dividend!   I figured I would document some of the research I have been performing all  morning as I search the internet for better solutions.

Cut the cable

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Frugally Upgrading My Television for Less Than $100

My girlfriend and I are planning on upgrading my television in the near future and we have been discussing an upgrade since we moved in together in July.  A few years ago I bought a flat-screen, non-smart LED television and I love the purchase.  But as we all know, electronics evolve at a rapid pace and today’s latest and greatest becomes an antique within only a few years.   To get the most out of our cable, tablets, and other devices, we decided that we need an upgrade.   With our credit cards in hand, we set out on a voyage to frugally improve our “out-dated” television.  Let’s see what we decided.

Upgrading My Television

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