Dividend Diplomats’ Recent Buy – Kroger Co. (KR)

The buying spree continues here on our website.  What makes this one more fun, and we haven’t done this in a long time, is that the two of us purchased the same stock within minutes of each other.  Lanny has been the most active of late and recently purchased shares in Cisco.  Bert on the other hand, has been mostly on the sidelines since him and his wife purchased their first house.  Last week though, we saw an opportunity that was too good to pass up and pounced.  See why we each purchased shares of Kroger (KO) during their recent slide.

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Bert’s Q2 2016 Goals Review

I know I said it in my June Dividend income article as well. But still….HOLY COW, I can’t believe the year is halfway over.  This quarter will always hold a special place in my heart though considering I got married in May.  Can’t believe that was a month ago too. WOW!  After the quarter is over, we like to take some time here and check up on our 2016 goals to check our progress and see if we need to make any necessary adjustments on the fly.   With six months remaining, there is still plenty of time to steer ourselves back onto the road if we have started wandering off.


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When will Netflix monthly subscription be “Too High”?

I love Netflix (NFLX).  I honestly do not know where I would be during busy season without the streaming subscription service and even on lazy Saturday or Sunday mornings with the lady binge watching a show with a cup of coffee.  For us “cable cutters”, Netflix has been a wonderful supplement for our entertainment purposes.  Back in 2014, Netflix rose their prices on new customers from $7.99 to $9.99, but didn’t touch us grandfathered customers.  They didn’t touch us, until now.  Our price will go up 25% from $7.99 to $9.99 or a “small” $2 more per month or $24/year (excluding taxes).  Question is – when and at what price will Netflix be too much or too high?

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Why I’m Considering Cutting the Cord & Dropping Cable

Lanny inspired me this week to call my cable provider, AT&T, and see if I could reduce my current monthly bill of about $110/month.  I know this is extremely expensive and the bill is almost split evenly between internet and TV.   However, unlike his success story of helping his family reduce their bill, I left my phone conversation frustrated and craving some better alternatives.  Darn you AT&T, why must you pay me such a great dividend!   I figured I would document some of the research I have been performing all  morning as I search the internet for better solutions.

Cut the cable

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