Bert’s Q2 2016 Goals Review

I know I said it in my June Dividend income article as well. But still….HOLY COW, I can’t believe the year is halfway over.  This quarter will always hold a special place in my heart though considering I got married in May.  Can’t believe that was a month ago too. WOW!  After the quarter is over, we like to take some time here and check up on our 2016 goals to check our progress and see if we need to make any necessary adjustments on the fly.   With six months remaining, there is still plenty of time to steer ourselves back onto the road if we have started wandering off.


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Bert’s June Dividend Income Summary

Lanny beat me to the punch for releasing our monthly dividend income summary and lets just say I have a tough act to follow.  $1,100 in total dividend income and a 30.31% dividend growth rate…impressive numbers Lanny!  You are crushing it.  However, the show must go on here and luckily for me, I had some nice year over year growth as well.   Time to peel back the layers and take a dive into my June dividend income summary!

dividend income

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