Bert’s December Dividend Income Summary

Well, Lanny started our dividend income summary party off with quite a bang.  Almost $5,500 Lanny!  U n b e l i e v a b l e.  That is how you motivate me and the rest of this awesome dividend investing community.   Like Lanny, I am happy to say that my wife and I posted a personal record in December and I’m excited to share the results!

Dividend income Summary

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Expected Dividend Increases in December 2019

Thanksgiving is behind us and the next batch of holidays are quickly approaching.  Man this calendar is turning too fast. Now that it is December, It is time for the next installment of our “Expected Dividend Increases” monthly series.  Each month, we predict the companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month (and review the results from the previous month).  Let’s review the expected dividend increases in December 2019!

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Bert’s March Dividend Income Summary

I cannot believe that we have another month in the book!  Where the heck is time going?  Baseball season is coming and life is flying fast at me.  All great stuff though.  This month’s article even features a new image!  Finally, I decided to do away with the old “Dividend Income” image and get creative. Lanny updated his last year, so it was time for me to as well.  My wife and I were playing Scrabble and then I had this idea for the article.  But back to business, I’m starting to ramble.  At the beginning of the month, we each post our dividend income summaries to track and monitor our progress.  Lanny recently released his March dividend income summary and produced absolutely insane numbers.  I’ll let you see them for yourself.  But all I have to say is DAMN LANNY!   It is my turn now.  Here is my March dividend income summary!

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December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Ah, the best month for being a Dividend Investor.  Most companies pay on a quarterly basis in the third month of the quarter and for those that have mutual fund/ETF investments, the dividends and capital gains pour in at the end of the year.  Due to the insane amount of dividend increases and with the benefit of consistency from our community, we expect the report below to be mind-blowing and many records to be set.  Here is the December version of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers!

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Bert’s October Dividend Income Summary

Another month.  The leaves are changing, Halloween is behind us, and I have officially ate way too much Halloween candy!  My wife and I love the fall season and even had a chance to go apple picking before the weather was too cold and make some fantastic desserts with our haul.  But that’s not the point of this article, is it?  Each month, we like to summarize our results and check out the growth and progress we are making in terms of dividend income.  Lanny kicked off the festivities by announcing a very nice 10.96% increase compared to last year.  Let’s see how well I can perform.  Here is my October Dividend Income summary!

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Vanguard: What and What are They

What does it mean when someone says, “Oh, I Vanguard” or “I use Vanguard”.  There is even a line or two when people talk about investments in a conversation, and someone says, “I let Vanguard handle everything”.  Well, my goal is to explain and put that to rest.  This all came from an interesting conversation with one of my best friends.  He felt that this information was necessary for the community to read.  Especially those starting out to invest and wanting to know more terminology, where it comes from, what it means and the impact to them.  Therefore, I will do my best to explain the “who” and the “what” in Vanguard.

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What are the Differences Between Mutual Funds and ETFs?

This year, we launched our financial education series.  The purpose was to educate investors on various aspects of dividend investing or just investing in general.  Some articles have been as fundamental as “What is a Dividend?”  while some articles took a deeper dive into a topic, such as “What is a REIT and How Are Dividends From a REIT Taxed?”   Today’s article will take a step out of the dividend specific topic and explain the differences between mutual funds and ETFs.  Both types of investments are important diversification options and are similar (but with some key differences).   And of course, as you would expect, there will be a dividend twist at some point in this article!  Let’s start peeling back the layers!

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