What are the Differences Between Mutual Funds and ETFs?

This year, we launched our financial education series.  The purpose was to educate investors on various aspects of dividend investing or just investing in general.  Some articles have been as fundamental as “What is a Dividend?”  while some articles took a deeper dive into a topic, such as “What is a REIT and How Are Dividends From a REIT Taxed?”   Today’s article will take a step out of the dividend specific topic and explain the differences between mutual funds and ETFs.  Both types of investments are important diversification options and are similar (but with some key differences).   And of course, as you would expect, there will be a dividend twist at some point in this article!  Let’s start peeling back the layers!

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The Importance of Long-Term Low Cost Investing

This is a guest contribution by Nick McCullum of Sure Dividend. 

When investors can identify trends that either increase returns or reduce risk, it is wise to implement them into their investment strategies.

With that said, implementing positive market anomalies is usually not hard. Rather, the difficulty lies in finding them.

Two of the most straightforward improvements that investors can make to their investment strategies are:

  • minimize investment fees
  • invest for the long-term

This article will describe how each of these techniques can improve investment performance and provide actionable tips on how to implement them into your personal investment strategy.

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