Lanny’s Recent Purchase – Target (TGT) and T. Rowe Price (TROW)

You have to love Mr. Market when the trend turns lower.  You have to be prepared, the artillery ready and the decisiveness to your actions.  I am so lucky that I was ready last week, especially on Monday the 12th, when the market plunged downward and I had been prepared to make a purchase or two.  Those two purchases happened to be Target (TGT) and T. Rowe Price (TROW).

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Lanny’s August Stock Watch List

Surprising title and article, right?  I would be stunned to see a watch list, as well, if I were a reader, given the stock market has continued to hit highs.  Just went you think they are heading for a few days in a row of red, the rug gets taken from underneath you.  Bert and I have had endless conversations over the last week and it’s time to talk about what entities are on my radar.  What companies are out there, that somehow have undervaluation written somewhere on them?  Let’s dive in and see.

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Lanny’s June Dividend Income Summary

It’s only right so say — WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH THE YEAR!!!  On top of that – my Cavs won the NBA Finals and our first championship in 52+ years AND the Tribe are CURRENTLY on a 14 game win streak.  Cleveland could not be on any more fire than they are right now.  What about my portfolio?  Can it keep up with the heat that Cleveland as it’s aura?  Did my Dividend Portfolio spit out the best income it’s ever had?  Well, let’s find this out and see if I hit some big targets!

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Bert’s Recent Buy – Target (TGT)

I just couldn’t sit on the sideline any longer.  For those of you that have followed our blog over the last month, you would have realized that there was one stock I have been fixated on…Target (TGT).  It was the number 1 stock on my June watch list for a reason.  Over the month, I was patiently waited for the right moment to strike.  When I went to buy, the stock price increased.  When I wasn’t able t access the internet to actually purchase the stock, the price fell.   Finally, the stars aligned as the markets had two terrible days after the Brexit situation.   Time to check out why and most importantly, how much TGT stock I purchased this week!

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T. Rowe Price (TROW) Stock Analysis

Ah.. Mid-February.  The markets have been on another Cedar fair’s rollercoaster ride and we’ve been buckled in feeling the stomach drop… while going through winters that are warm with no a sign of snow to the normal brutal Cleveland winter of a “snowmagheddon” for a great way to put it.  With the market “swoons” we all sign into our brokerage accounts to see what our balance is, what dividends have been received and what new stocks have popped on our watch list.  Then it hit me – what about doing a brokerage service stock analysis?  We are due to write one and this one felt… right.  To the analysis my friends.

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