Crushing $8,000 in Projected Dividend Income

December 2016.  Almost 6 months after I posted about crushing over the $7,000 mark, I have now jumped over the next rung on the projected dividend income high jump bar.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, when weeks are frustrating with traffic pile-ups from snow, working later hours for “the man” and the holiday season upon us.  To say I didn’t think I was going to reach this goal would be a lie, I knew I would get here.  I just knew it.  Luck has quite a bit to do with it, but I had faith and confidence in the actions I was doing, that I would get to the new height.  In this post I will share what I did to arch the back over the $8,000 in projected dividend income bar!

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Lanny’s June Dividend Income Summary

It’s only right so say — WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH THE YEAR!!!  On top of that – my Cavs won the NBA Finals and our first championship in 52+ years AND the Tribe are CURRENTLY on a 14 game win streak.  Cleveland could not be on any more fire than they are right now.  What about my portfolio?  Can it keep up with the heat that Cleveland as it’s aura?  Did my Dividend Portfolio spit out the best income it’s ever had?  Well, let’s find this out and see if I hit some big targets!

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Every Dollar Counts

Here I am sitting on a Sunday early afternoon, thinking of what post to write.  I am currently updating my actual expenses for the month, after coming home from the Grocery store, where I spent $27.76.  I looked at my portfolio, reviewed articles online, took a sip of my coffee and thought, what the heck am I doing?  What is in my surrounding to inspire me to write a post that can attract readers, get people interested and showcase a passion of mine.  I looked in the mirror as I was brushing my teeth and noticed the grey in my hair.  Then.. it hit me.

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