Crushing $8,000 in Projected Dividend Income

December 2016.  Almost 6 months after I posted about crushing over the $7,000 mark, I have now jumped over the next rung on the projected dividend income high jump bar.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, when weeks are frustrating with traffic pile-ups from snow, working later hours for “the man” and the holiday season upon us.  To say I didn’t think I was going to reach this goal would be a lie, I knew I would get here.  I just knew it.  Luck has quite a bit to do with it, but I had faith and confidence in the actions I was doing, that I would get to the new height.  In this post I will share what I did to arch the back over the $8,000 in projected dividend income bar!

Crushing $8,000 in Projected Dividend Income

What was the final trigger?  It seemed like just yesterday that I crushed $7,000 in projected dividend income.  Friday, in the office, I had recorded my reinvestment from my T. Rowe Price mutual fund – PRFDX and Bert shot me a message that Norwood Financial (NWFL) increased their dividend a bit over 3%.  That was enough to make it a round $8,000, literally.  Then, one ETF announced their December dividend amount, and I calculate that dividend on a rolling 4 quarters.  Therefore, once i rolled this quarter in, it actually put me at $8,008 before night’s end!

Bert was in the office, and it was awesome for him being there, as we gave each other a high five.  Something tells me he has a milestone he may have crossed as well, I’m sure he’ll write/tell us about it.  I am very excited, as this milestone was my 2016 goal and after failing last year’s goal – I was even more determined for 2016 to cross it.  Last year I wasn’t able to, due to a few deep cuts – Kinder Morgan (KMI), being one of them.  As long as my dividends stay strong with no changes – I’ll remain over $8,000.  Plus, I still have half a month of dividend reinvestment to experience.  Therefore, I am actually looking to try and pad the stats here.

How I Crossed crushed $8,000 in projected income

There are many things that led me on the road to over $8,000.   Honestly, I am not exactly sure on where to start, but I will try.  I will also try to focus on 2017 items that has led me here; with a few bigger picture areas.  To begin, the rollercoster ride we had post election did not deter my investing strategy.  I would say that staying consistent and turning down the noise, not selling out of my portfolio before or after like others, has helped me cross my goal, no doubt.  You can say for that reason, I do not try to time the market, as we do not know all of the information that others closer to the heart of the matter know.  Sure, we can argue the market has all information baked into the stock prices and we have an even playing field, but that is to be truly determined.

There is more, however.  It also comes down to just really feeling & digging in on why EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS and another shameless plug to – why you need to side hustle, and all of the other intense articles that have been written.  Just when I thought I was focused on my strategies, I went deeper and focused even more than I thought was needed or sincerely, thought was possible.  Then, I was also heavily aided by my new tax-investment strategies, which in fact, kept me very consistent in the market, as well as injected super-speed to adding dividend income, each and every month.  I wrote an article on what it feels like 4 months later from maximizing tax-advantaged investment accounts and the ultimate impact to my forward dividend income.  

In total, thus far in 2016, I have added over $1,500 in new income from all of my investment & reinvestment activity during the year.  The wild thing is – anyone can do it.  I know everyone can do it, because if I can, then YOU can.  Also – here is the snippet from my spreadsheet that I use for tracking:

final thoughts on $8,000 in projected dividend income

So here I am, it’s a Saturday morning on the 17th.  What am I thinking now?  Well, funny enough, it is about my 2017 goals and why I am so excited for that year.  So many new opportunities are unfolding, that I simply cannot wait for the new year!  Funny how the nostalgia of it really impacts you.  With crossing $8,000 in projected dividend income, I have my eyes set on establishing the goal for 2017, which is not yet final.  Don’t worry, you’ll know the goals coming forward very soon.

In the end, how lucky of a position I am in?  I have fricken $8,000 in forward dividend income!  I seriously, cannot believe it.  7 years ago in 2009 is when I made my first investment.  7 years later I have made it another step closer on the pursuit to financial freedom.  $8,000 in projected income is $667 per month, which represents approximately/over 70% of my house expenses.  Cannot believe it.

How are you doing on your final countdown to your goals?  Thoughts on the $8,000 figure?  What’s next for me?  Is it $10,000?  Any suggestions or adds for me or critiques?  I would definitely appreciate it, as I want to be better and if you have something that can help me, then please share!  I hope everyone is staying warm and crushing their own goals – whether that be dividend income, work goals, family & life events or even just getting through the year.  I hope everyone is happy and enjoying the life that they are living and I am very thankful for what is in my life right now.  Thank you for reading, good luck with the end of the year and talk soon!


29 thoughts on “Crushing $8,000 in Projected Dividend Income

    • MDP –

      NOW THAT’S THE COMMENT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Haha, loving it MDP – straight “don’t give a f..” mode. I will tell you something, which you probably know – stretching your boundaries and limits, typically will get you to newer heights, easily. Loving it.


    • DiningOnDiv –

      Thank you so much! I hope that it goes to show that – if you want to reach your goals, you can, just have to be focused on it and want it to happen. Obviously, following the plan steps to get there is always a key piece ; ) Thanks again!


  1. Very impressive, congratulations! I’ll be even more impressed if you manage to bump that income up to $10,000 next year, but I’m sure you have the determination to do it!

    • Viking –

      Appreciate it! It’s funny that it took only 6 months to add another $1K.. you would think, then, I could repeat that and in 2017 cross $10K. We’ll see, big nights of thinking/planning ahead for 2017!


  2. Impressive growth Lanny. Covering 70% of expenses is just nuts. You’re getting so close! Definitely got to feel more determined and confident than ever going into the new year. Wish you the best of luck.

    • DB –

      Thank you very much! It is weird seeing the % to my expenses, that’s for sure. What’s even more funny/sad – I am looking forward to filing my tax return this year, given those new tax optimization strategies – seeing where my overall taxable income lies! Very eager to compare 2016 and 2017 tax returns. Appreciate it and talk soon! Finish strong.


  3. Congrats on passing $8k. I’m really happy for you. I say shoot for $10,000 next year. If you buy like you’ve done this year and along with hopefully many dividend increases, $10k in possible.

    • InvestmentHunting –

      Thank you, very much. What’s interesting, is using the $8k now – with dividend reinvestment and growth – should add $750 next year, at least/conservatively, regardless; and I would only need to invest to add another $1,250. I still think that’s VERY conservative, but better to do that, grind hard and leap over $10K. Maybe, right? Just maybe? haha. Very excited for 2017; thank you again for stopping by.


  4. I don’t see why $10k can’t be an achievable 2017 goal. With the amount of fresh capital you have been adding coupled with dividend raises and reinvestment you’ll have enough momentum to hit that magic 5 figure mark. You are already benefiting from the effects of the your dividend snowball. Congrats on a really solid 2016 performance and the continued inspiration.

    • DHut –

      Thank you very much. I agree – just commented back on IH’s post and said with growth rate & reinvestment, should cover a substantial amount of a $10K goal. Not yet set in stone for the goals, that will be this week, for sure. A nice pot of coffee, paper, pencil and a laptop. I will have some quiet time, looking much forward to that, no doubt. Thanks again Hut, you are inspiration as well!


  5. Just by reinvesting what you have coming in next year, you’d be most likely be adding somewhere from $500 to $1,000 if you can avoid any cuts and get some conservative increases from your leading companies. That’s pretty exciting stuff to say the least. Once a dividend investor gets to a certain point, it becomes hard not to make more money passively on a year-over-year basis, and this is one of the reasons why I’m investing in this way.

  6. I love it when a plan comes together!

    Two big milestones like that in a year is great and you’ll be making that 9k in projected income post before you know it!

    It’s gonna feel great when your dividend income covers 100% of your house expenses and soon it’ll be 100% of all expenses!

    • Time ITB –

      How’s it going? I can agree – love it when plans come together in this fashion – makes me even hungrier for 2017, that’s for damn sure. What’s awesome is that I can now smooth both my HSA and 401K over a 12 month period instead of really jamming it in within a 4-5 month window haha. Appreciate the kind words and moving closer to 100% each day.


  7. Awesome job Lanny! I hope to be crushing the 8,000 and 9,000 totatl passive income received milestones this month (fingers crossed!) Keep it up brother,

    Dan @ Passive Income Dude

    • Andrew –

      Thanks for the stop by and comment! Appreciate it – the reinvestment does wonders and of course if you have more it impacts your forward dividend more. Looking forward to the reinvestment in 2017 and beyond, hoping I can have this on straight auto-pilot and have it take care of itself at one point! Therefore, the combination of reinvestment + dividend growth rate, should equate out to more than covering the cost of living adjustments/inflation. However, very far from that!


  8. Wow, that’s an amazing achievement at such a young age. I’m at $571 for the year, but hope to grow that steadily and consistently like you and Bert. You guys have inspired me to change my investment strategy.


    • Chri –

      Thanks for the comment; hoping I can make dew on that recommendation ; ) Will always be a fun battle/tough road, but I for sure think that is attainable.. maybe I go higher? You should consider as well!!


      • Yeah, I think you can do it.

        I am working on my huge goal to make 2000€ through the market in one ore more months next year. of course these are not dividend payments alone, but as long as it is income i don´t mind 🙂

        dividend income will increase over time 🙂

        wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

        best regards

  9. Lanny, congrats on the $8K projected dividend income. That’s very impressive, especially with over $1,500 in new income. With $8K of projected dividend income, your dividend compounding will grow at a much faster rate. Keep up the great work!

    • CI –

      Thanks for the comment and motivation. I am very excited to see the product of an $8k forward dividend income amount – need strong dividend growth, that’s for sure. Very lucky to be in this position! I hope that the post keeps everyone going to do great things! Appreciate the stop by CI!!! You’re doing awesome as well.


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