Crushing $7,000 in Projected Dividend Income

Here we are.  June of 2016.  It has been a very big year thus far and I have climbed another rung of the illustrious ladder that we are all holding.  The steepness to the ladder and the climb up is definitely hard mind, body and soul – but this was never supposed to be easy, and what is the point of going for something if it isn’t a hard road?  This has definitely been worth it and I have learned a vast amount of information and simpler techniques on the way…   Yes… you read the title correctly, this month events and activities have allowed me to Crush through $7,000 in projected dividend income!

crushing it

Crushing $7,000 in projected dividend income

Soon after the numbers were plugged in after my recent purchase of 30 shares of Target (TGT), the number turned to over $7,000 in projected dividend income.  What’s funny, is after a few more reinvestments over the weekend, my projected income is actually at $7,081!  I cannot believe it.  It has been almost 10 months since I last cruised over another $1K mark, as back in August I leaped over the $6,000 projected amounts.   It took around 8-9 months to go from $5K to $6K and then 10 months to go from $6K to $7K.

This was a hard milestone to breach.  As we all know – I took a huge smack when Kinder Morgan (KMI) made the decision to cut their dividend.  This took a punch that carried a negative $214 to the projected dividend income.  That round in the ring was a hard one to push through, that’s for sure.  Just when I thought that was over, BHP Billiton (BBL) came in as well to the next round with a left hook.  This took a rung down of $116 to my project income as well.  Just hard punches to continue to persevere through.  But perseverance occurred.  Since then, the focus has been even more, as my 2016 goals and strategy has changed to combat these decisions/difficult times.  Not only did I have to increase my income, but I had to also make up for over $330 in lost projected income from these two entities, something that would take close to $10,000, depending on the dividend yield of the stocks to be invested in.  The road was cracked to get to $7,000, that’s for sure.

How I Crossed crushed $7,000 in projected income

How did I do this?  After establishing the 2016 goals and entering the year at a projected $6,505 (before BBL’s cut), it didn’t seem that daunting to cross.  Obviously, take $116 away once BBL announced the Cut and I’m back at $6,389.  So truthfully, had to add $611 to cross it.  Of course, to which I can’t stress it enough – I aim to save at least 60% of my income, each and every month.  I truly believe that you can make a fair amount of money, but if you’re spending/saving habits aren’t there, then you are just as far away as a person who has no ability to generate income.  Even with weddings and other festivities, the tax bills, vacation/get aways this year, I know I am still well over saving 60% of my income, to which I am fortunate, but it has been a hard form to do this in.

Additionally, I have made some MASSIVE investments, as one of my goals is to make at least three $3,000+ purchases into aristocratic type entities, to which have done twice – Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and T. Rowe Price (TROW).  Additionally, there have been quite a few dividend increases along the way, as well as plenty of dividend reinvestment into more shares, that are producing even more income for me.  This month of June has already been a blessing, with my recent investment into Target and one of my best dividend income months, ever.  The reinvestment of that plus the purchase propelled me to fly over the $7,000 mark, easily.  And there are still more dividends I have yet to receive for June, so I know I may even be well over the $7,100 mark by the end of this month.

Here below is the screen capture of my spreadsheet showing the exact amount going forward.  Where does this leave me?  In my mind – I now have 6 months to generate somewhere between $800-$900 of forward dividend income to reach my goal I set at a projected amount by the end of $8,000.  That is still a LONG ways to go, but I see that I went through something VERY similar for the first 6 months.  Therefore, I am ever motivated to get there and know with my recent purchases in the first 6 months, will then be felt during the last 6 months.  I love the clockwork action of dividend investing!  See the shot below:



The journey is not over.  The journey is still in the early phases, but I am happy to smile and nod my head to this one.  I know Bert is climbing the rungs as well, and he is seeing how fast it starts become, with the more that you do and time playing their part.  Time is a huge piece to this puzzle.  This income number, by itself, can grow dramatically, with no further investment.  However, with fresh capital, new shares of sound fundamental companies, you propel that, into the next gear.  I am so damn fortunate to have this sort of income, where, I know if something happened in my life – $7,081 translates into $590 per month to aid in my expenses and life.  Once I reach $8,000 THIS YEAR, that number will be $667, and will be even closer to my recently updated monthly living/housing expenses.  I’ll take a day to celebrate now, but I’m not finished.  Time to put the foot down on the pedal and go full throttle on this epic journey.  I could not have done this without one of my best friend’s in Bert, the lady for supporting me, the community here and all other individuals in my family and friends.  Thank you.

With over $7,000 now – do you guys celebrate a milestone ever?  I know Hustler recently cruised over a projected $30,000!  And he took time to realize that and give a little nod to that epic milestone.  Are you reaching your goals this year?  Thoughts on over $7,000?  Think you are far from or was this amount a thing of the past?  Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts, suggestions and comments.  Talk soon and keep GOING!!!



60 thoughts on “Crushing $7,000 in Projected Dividend Income

  1. Congrats on the $7K, a very noteworthy milestone. Shows that perseverance pays off 🙂
    You did make us think, we have not had a milestone yet that we made or intent do celebrate. But a 50% Cheesy Index would be a good one for starters.

    • Pollie,

      As always – thank you, thank you, thank you! YOU and the community help push myself and Bert forward each day, it’s fun that we have such a cool group, and we all share fairly similar outlooks on our own journeys. Keep it up and thanks again!


  2. Man you are Bert really know how to inspire people to keep chugging along. Congrats on the milestone! Can’t wait to see how long it takes to get to 8k! I have not really celebrated anything as yet but I know I was very happy when I crossed $250 in projected dividends especially since I started a month ago. Cannot wait to start working to pump capital into the account and hopefully get to 1k quickly.

    • Stefan,

      Thank you for the comment – I hope I can hit my goal and rip off another one of these articles near 12/31, right? Haha, LETS GO!!! That’s the challenge and I’m going to race to it. Crossing $250 is huge, once you cross $1K, you’ll blink and realize how little time it took to do just that, and then $2.5K… then $5K… $7K; $10K, and bam, you’re there. Stay consistent and hungry out there.


    • IPD,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a roller coaster to get here, but I made it and hopefully by this month end I’ll be at a solid cushion over the $7k to never look back. $8K is now in the forward mirror and I’m marching toward it – 6.25 months to go, time to breathe, take a sip of water and keep it on the tracks!


    • Tawcan,

      Man… exhausted, right? haha, I love these milestones, because it’s similar to when you are driving a car and crossing the 50K mark, or 100K, 150K.. and the illustrious 200K – just a reminder of how far you’ve come and where you are set to go. Thanks again Tawcan, next stop.. $8k.


  3. Fantastic growth Lanny. I’m on pace to maybe hit $7,000. It will be close. This is a big accomplishment and a testament to the power DG investing. $10,000 will fall soon. Maybe next year! Keep up the good work.

    • IH,

      I believe you can do it. If you already have the number in your mind, you are a positive person and you stay consistent and you’re fairly smart in the decisions – you’ll get there and it will be taken care of. Next year.. wow hitting 5 digits would be incredible, right? Looking forward to the future, that’s the best part about this.


  4. Congrats on tremendous progress! ADM is definitely performing well for me as well. I’ll be celebrating $500 per month for sure when I arrive. Keep up the momentum, sir.

    • Austin,

      Thank you so much – and yes, ADM has been a solid piece to the portfolio in 2016, very lucky on how their market value has shown and just a pure aristocrat is nice to have in the saddle. When you arrive – have a drink for me, as the feeling is great. Keep it moving!!


  5. $7,000 is amazing! Great job keeping on course. There really is something special about receiving dividends in the account.


    • JT,

      Phew… thank you, it is truly appreciative. Dividends, reinvestment, growth rates in the div and consistent purchases have all propelled the forward income! I’m pumped to close out June and gear up for the next 6 months, it’s go time!


  6. Wow, $7k in projected dividends is outstanding! Way to go! I know you mentioned you were making larger purchases of aristocrats. What about dividend reinvestment? Do you let your dividends accumulate until you reach a level or reinvest them as they roll in?

    We are newbs to the DGI game, having only been investing for a little over a year. One of our milestones is $1k.

    • TOL,

      Thank you so much! I do let them reinvest automatically as they roll in. I do that, simply because I know that it takes any debate out of pulling a trigger, as well as trying to “time” things. Plus – it would take a few months worth of dividend accumulation for me right now to really make a purchase with it, say 3-4 months or so. I’ve seen people do it both ways, but I have been doing it this way for over 6 years now; but I did the more heavy investing in 2011 going forward to really see impacts of the DrIP!


  7. Congrats Lanny! Keep it up bro. You’re doing awesome for your age and the future will be bright for you and your family. I just know it. Keep hustling it up and with the power of focus and hardwork, you’re crush everything you put your mind to. I swear it. Let’s rip shit up together bro. Cheers.

    • Hustler,

      I cross $7 and you cross $30 hilarious!! I know it, lets tear it up – if big Cleveland is holding it down for us (love that they won the championship) – then anything can be done. LETS GO.


  8. Congrats! It is always so motivating when we are able to achieve our goals. Each goal we achieve just prepares us for the next one. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading about your progress.

    • MoreDiv,

      Thank you – what’s more motivating are the comments that are received on the posts we have on these areas. It’s huge and just makes me want to get to the next milestone in a much more intensive state : ) This is awesome and am pumped – we need to all stay together through this and keep eachother engines fully stocked. LEGGGO!!!


  9. All those large buys and dividend raises have combined to make a real powerful passive income force. I love reading these updates a lot as it also serves to inspire me to continue on my path. Look forward to $8k???? in 2016!!!

    • DH,

      Thanks again for coming by my man. It is wild – the raises and big buys, SPIKE that income, without a doubt. Looking forward tremendously to the $8k, but won’t stretch myself to weird areas I’m not comfortable with to get there, I know you’re in the same boat related to that. Just have to keep/stay ready for opps. when they arise, pumped to get there.


    • Roadmap,

      Thank you very much, means a lot hearing from you! I’ll see if I can keep dropping this anvil – and hopefully more frequently, right? Haha. I think I’ll keep doing one each time I cross a 4 digit mark, we’ll see, hoping to have one before the end of the year on the $8k!


    • Desidividend,

      Thank you truly! It’s amazing seeing the feedback from the community and truly am blessed by the support. We all are going to keep moving forward, can’t wait for what’s to come. Cheers!


    • TDPig,

      Thanks for coming by, can’t wait to check your blog out. I hope to get there, and can’t wait to make more purchases and see more divs roll in to increase that number as well. Here is to the 2nd half of 2016!


  10. Hey Lanny,

    Congratulation on that awesome number! it takes so much time reach such a great milestone.
    But now the snowball will roll faster and faster!

    I know you will smash the goal of 8000 dollars dividend this year!
    Keep up the great work!

    best regards

    • Easy Div,

      Thank you so much. That’s the goal – add more snow to it, make it heavier, increase the speed and amount of snow it keeps picking up when it’s rolling. Almost like clockwork, right? Loving it and onward to $8K! Thanks again.


  11. perhaps you can point me in the right direction i would like to see my projectd didvidend income is there a spreadsheet or tool that you use im a 24 year old investor and just crossed the 100k $ mark you guys have been a big help and congrats on the milestone !

    • Alex,

      Of course. THe method I use is current full year dividend amount – example, JNJ is $3.20 per year X # of shares you own = projected dividend for that company that you own. Make sense? Do that for every entity you own shares in and list them on down! Let us know if you have any questions, thank you!!


      • Any lastly what about additional drop shares purchased ( partial shares ) and dividend raises just re do the math . And where do you find dividend raises for your company ?

        • Alex,

          Thanks for the comment back. I am able to buy partial shares, and am able to dividend reinvest (DRIP) into partial shares. I go to to find out the info!


          • No I’m saying do you use the partial shares as part of the formula when multiplying the yield or did you stick with while number of shares.

  12. That is definitely crushing it. ERE brags about living off of that much money a year. I don’t think I’d want to do it, but it’s pretty cool to be at that level.

    • Chris,

      Thanks for coming by; I don’t think I could live off of $7,000 per year, unless I rent out my house that I live in or get rid of it altogether and make a few other changes. I definitely would like to produce a bit more income, and that’s what I’m going to do!!


    • FI Champ,

      Thanks, I need all of the support I can get, which is the biggest pro to this community, everyone holds each other’s arms together to get through these big steps, so thank YOU for pushing me.


  13. Wow, very impressive numbers! It’s humbling to see how well you are doing, so congratulations on hitting this milestone. I look forward to seeing that 8k mark fall this year and onward to 10k!!

  14. Really nice job! I hope you haven’t counted your chickens before they’ve hatched..hopefully projected income becomes solid income 🙂

    Compounding is happening before your very eyes 😀


  15. Hi Lanny,

    Congratulations on achieving your milestone. Out of curiosity, how much is your total portfolio account worth? If this is too personal a question I apologize. I’m curious because I have a respectable amount in mine, but I’m playing mostly aggressive, speculative plays so my annual dividend income is around $500.


    • Mike,

      Thank you. It is worth about $210K or so now. I have BLOWN past the $7,000 – check my portfolio page at the top of the website for an up-to-date portfolio. If you are mostly aggressive/spec plays – you won’t have companies paying cash to investors, as they are using that to “hopefully” grow earnings…


      • Wow, that’s very impressive. I’m at 65k myself. As soon as I hit 100k I’m going to consider putting it in real estate. Love your blog, just discovered it today but will keep following it from here on.

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