Holy $%!? We Bought a House

Today is another chapter in the Dividend Diplomats mortgage series.   Time flies and surprises pop up where you least expect them.  I’ve written a lot about my house hunt recently, starting with reasons why my wife and I were not in a hurry to purchase a house all the way to the process of finding the institution that will provide us with the best mortgage.   We were always told that lightning strikes and when you find the right house, you need to move quickly.  Well, that was the case here and I could not believe how quickly things moved.  In all honesty, I’m a little shocked about it all here and I’m still finding myself trying to process what went down.  Mostly happy, with some doubts (as always), but her is the story about how my wife and I found our house.   I’m going to have a two-part series about this process – one about the purchase and one about some of my emotions/feelings after the offer was accepted.  So here is Part 1 of my mini-series!

pay down the mortgage or invest

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Bert’s March Dividend Income Summary

The first quarter has come and gone, just like that.  It seems like yesterday we were lining up our 2017 goals articles with wide-eyed optimism about what 2017 is going to bring for each one of us.    As with the end of each month, we each take our time summarizing our dividend income income from the month to check our progress and see the fruits of our labor/hard work.  Time to check out how my results from March.  Here is my March Dividend Income summary!

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Crushing $8,000 in Projected Dividend Income

December 2016.  Almost 6 months after I posted about crushing over the $7,000 mark, I have now jumped over the next rung on the projected dividend income high jump bar.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, when weeks are frustrating with traffic pile-ups from snow, working later hours for “the man” and the holiday season upon us.  To say I didn’t think I was going to reach this goal would be a lie, I knew I would get here.  I just knew it.  Luck has quite a bit to do with it, but I had faith and confidence in the actions I was doing, that I would get to the new height.  In this post I will share what I did to arch the back over the $8,000 in projected dividend income bar!

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Why I Don’t Have Cable

Many of the readers on these platforms are very frugal or are looking for ways to be frugal.  I know I push myself to limit monthly expenditures I have that take away from life, interaction (to some degree) and also my pocket.  I read an article from the NY times last year that said something around 90% of Americans are paying a form of cable television – 90%!!!! That’s a pretty alarming amount of people that are paying on a monthly basis to large corporations such as, but not limited to: AT&T (T), Comcast (CMCSA), WOW!, etc.. I know my fellow Diplomat – Bert – probably has shrills going through his body about this article because I know he enjoys having cable, more so for the fact to watch Sports, well, there are other means BERT.

Cut the cable, save money

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