Dividend Stock Purchases: Bert’s June 2020 Summary

2020 is flying by! We have crossed the 50 yard line and are marching towards the endzone. Each month presents exciting new twists and opportunities in the stock market. June was no different! My wife and I found 4 companies to purchase during the month. This article summarizes our dividend stock purchases for June. See what companies we purchased that allowed us to add $58 in forward dividend income.

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Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny’s May 2020 Summary

dividend stock purchase

May finished off another positive month in the stock market.  My dividend stock purchase activity was not as significant, given most companies I want have been rising in price!  The market is unpredictable, to say the least.  Time to look at my dividend stock purchase activity in May!

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Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny’s March 2020 Summary

March was the most interesting month, in quite some time, to say the least.  We witnessed many down and up days of over 5%.  As I am typing this, the market has had their best 4 day run since 1974, literally 46 years ago.  This just goes to show you how low the market hit and even with this, the market is still undervalued.  Could this be a teaser upswing, to set us up for the next bear drop?  Who knows.  What I do know is that the dividend stock purchases continued through the month of March!

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Investing in Industries that are for LIFE

Here we are, sitting a few months into the calendar year and investment opportunities are difficult to come by.  However, we are all living and breathing, right?  We are all drinking water, eating food and have items in our life to reduce risk of loss, correct?  Have you considered that if all else fails and dividend stock opportunities are tough to come by, to invest into an industry that will be around, as long as we are simply, living?  That’s the focus of my article today.  I really want to get down to basics of what one could invest in if you are afraid of the next pop, the fizzle out of the latest start-up tech company or fall of a once-was retail giant?high-angle of houses over flooded ground

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Lanny’s June Dividend Income Summary

Wow!  We are finished with half the year already!  The sun is bright, shining and…hotter than heck!  In fact, the temperature reads 95 degrees tonight and I am loving it.  There were a great deal of positive events in June, that I am excited to write about, but earning dividend income just added to the fun of summer!  Sadly, our Cavs were out of the Finals and the NBA free agency has been crazy already.  However, this is about dividend income, so let’s get to the numbers!

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Lanny’s March Stock Watch List

Well, the market hasn’t laid on too many opportunities for us, but we still have stocks on our watch list.  Nothing too crazy has happened, so this was very tough and easy at the same.  Slow and study or keep it simple stupid or uhm… you get the drill.  This isn’t anything wild but here is the March of 2016 stock watch list!

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