Industries Built for the Coronavirus and Dividend Investors

The market’s volatility has been insane as of late, due to the health & economic impact from the Coronavirus.  If you see the chart below – your stomach definitely has to be feeling the highs and lows that each day brings.  One day you can be down 9.51% (like on the 12th) and the very next day, up 9.29%, followed by being down 11.98%.

S&P 500, Coronavirus

This is what we are in for, over the next few months, I believe.  The question is – what do you invest in?  What are the dividend stocks in the stock market that can weather through the Coronavirus storm?  We took time to think about the industries that are doing well during the global pandemic we are going through. Continue reading

Expected Dividend Increases in January 2020

The holidays are coming to a close and we are now officially setting out sights on 2020.  One December tradition remains in tact, unfortunately.  The Browns fired their head coach.  One of these days, the team will find the right coach to lead this team to its first Super Bowl.  But we will once again have to continue our search elsewhere! I am off topic.  The real reason we are here are to learn about the expected dividend increases in January.  Let’s dive in.

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Performance of the Top 10 Dividend Aristocrats 2019

This article should be interesting.  The stock market is just crushing it and there is just not much room for opportunity.  You can reach for value, but are you reaching for true value or are you reaching at a poor company that has, what appears to be, strong dividend metrics?  I thought to rewind the tape back and really take a hard look at the Dividend Aristocrats.  You know, those companies that increase their dividend EVERY YEAR for at least 25 years+?  Yes, that is who I am talking about.  Therefore, I peeled back the curtain on the top 10 yielding dividend aristocrats out there, seeing their performance and hey – maybe even find some value.

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Expected Dividend Increases in January 2019

Wow.  I had to take a second to stop when I typed the title of this article out.  I cannot believe it is already 2019.  Time continues to fly by and before I know it, I’ll be turning 30 in July.  2018 was such an incredible year for dividend investing and it was unique to watch from a investor’s perspective.  We started with the incredible surprise dividend increases at the beginning of the year and ended with a turbulent market (to say the least).  Lanny and I were talking about it, but I can’t remember the last time there were so many wild swings on daily basis.  But as always, we are prepared and ready to take a methodological approach to investing.   I’m starting to ramble, so let’s get back to the task at hand. Each month, we do our best to highlight as many companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase that month.  Since we love dividend increases and follow them so closely, we love trying to share the news with you!   Here is our listing of expected dividend increases in January 2019!

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Bert’s Recent Stock Purchases – October – Part 1

At the end of my September dividend income summary article, I mentioned that I was extremely motivated and excited to purchase some stocks in October.   Shortly after, I put together a watch list identifying four dividend stocks that were on my radar.  It did not take long for me to put some capital to work with some of the stocks on this watch list.  When a stock price falls after you add it to your watch list, how could you say no?   These purchases were small and frequent due to our free trade credits from Ally Investing, so there will be a few different stocks in this article.  Here are the stocks I have been purchasing over the last couple of weeks!

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Bert’s October Dividend Stock Watch List

The end of 2018 is rapidly approaching.  With only three months to-go, I am working hard to identify different investment opportunities.  With some extra cash, I am ready to put my capital to work and increase my dividend income as much as possible before the end of the year.  In this month’s edition of my dividend stock watch list, I identified four stocks that I will keep an eye on.  Ironically, I actually own all four stocks on this watch list.  And on top of it, each have a dividend yield greater than 3%.  So a potential purchase may add quite the punch.   With that in mind, let’s see which four companies made the cut for my October Dividend Stock Watch List!

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Bert’s Recent Buy – Consolidated Edison (ED)

Lanny and I were painting the Dividend Diplomats’ headquarters last week (aka – his house).  He left to take a quick water break and came back pretty excited. When he gets this tone in his voice, I know that only means one thing….there is a great stock that’s price is falling.   He brought up the fact that Consolidated Edison’s stock price was down over 1.5% that day.  Instantly I was excited because ED is one of our Top 5 Foundation stocks.  After a brief discussion, I was sold. Here is why I added to my position in Consolidated Edison in June.

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