Expected Dividend Increases in January 2019

Wow.  I had to take a second to stop when I typed the title of this article out.  I cannot believe it is already 2019.  Time continues to fly by and before I know it, I’ll be turning 30 in July.  2018 was such an incredible year for dividend investing and it was unique to watch from a investor’s perspective.  We started with the incredible surprise dividend increases at the beginning of the year and ended with a turbulent market (to say the least).  Lanny and I were talking about it, but I can’t remember the last time there were so many wild swings on daily basis.  But as always, we are prepared and ready to take a methodological approach to investing.   I’m starting to ramble, so let’s get back to the task at hand. Each month, we do our best to highlight as many companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase that month.  Since we love dividend increases and follow them so closely, we love trying to share the news with you!   Here is our listing of expected dividend increases in January 2019!

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Bert’s May 2016 Dividend Income Summary

May 2016 was  the best month of my life…hands down.   And it had absolutely nothing to do with investing.   I’m sure those that have been following along can guess what happened.  If not, no worries, I will have some blog posts soon to fill you all in on what exactly happened soon.  It was also a great month for dividend income as I saw some growth compared to May 2015.  Let’s take a look at the dividend income I received during the last 31 days!  Here is my May 2016 Dividend Income summary!

dividend income

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Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – CZNC

The Dividend Diplomats were back at it again!  Yes, both of us purchased the same company approximately two weeks ago and we wanted to share the purchase article with you.  And yes, this is the second time we have both purchased a stock at the same time in 2016.   Due to both of being busy with work, traveling, vacations, festivity planning, etc.. we were taken away from writing this article closer to the date of the stock purchases we made.  Given that we are both Financial Institution auditors, we purchased a bank that is already friendly in our portfolio – Citizens & Northern (CZNC).  Time to cash in those checks for stock! Continue reading

Recent Buy – Citizens & Northern (CZNC)

Well…well…well….it looks like January ended the same way it started for me….with buying a stock!  At the beginning of the month I was able to add to my stake in ADM, a darling of the dividend investors community of late due to drop in stock price over the last few months.  And after the boom that occurred at the end of the month, I was happy I purchased shares in ADM when I did.   After my ADM purchase, there was a little bit of a lull period when I sat on the sidelines as the madness unfolded.  Until the end of the month, when I accidentally stumbled on a great opportunity.  You guessed it, I purchased some additional shares of one of my Roth holdings Citizens and Northern Corporation (CZNC).  See why I purchased more shares in this community bank. CZNC

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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – NWFL

So it is time for the Final Push in December to see if we can buy the best opportunity stock to hit our yearly goals we had set in the prior year.  The market has been extremely choppy as of late, but it was time for me to make an investment.  The investment was into my Roth-IRA account, and you’ll see why within the article.  Whom did I make a purchase into?  Let’s check this out.
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