Bert’s March Dividend Stock Purchases

Last week, I released my March dividend income summary.  Typically, I’ll show my stock purchases in the summary article.  However, in March, I made a lot of low dollar stock purchases, as the market showed its twists and turns.  As a result, I decided to split the articles so I can discuss some of the purchases in greater detail.  This article will summarize my March dividend stock purchases.

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What is the S&P 500?

How many times have you read somewhere or heard someone state the “S&P 500 is up or down X% today?”  Or have you heard someone say that they own a mutual fund or ETF mirrors the S&P 500?  Lastly, have you read one of our stock analyses where we compare a company’s price to the S&P 500 to determine if the company is undervalued?   If you are a beginning investor, when asking those or similar questions to yourself, did you even stop and wonder what exactly the S&P 500 is?

This year, we have started our financial education series where we educate investors of all experience levels about various topics.  We’ve covered topics such as Who and What Is Vanguard?, What is the Dividend Payout Ratio?, and  What is a Dividend? In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the S&P 500, explain what the stock market index is, provide a background, and review how the S&P 500 determines which stocks are included in the index.

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Dividend Stock Analysis – Cardinal Health, Inc. (CAH)

A few weeks ago, I ran a stock screener and published my August dividend stock watch list.  That screener had a new entrant that seemed to check most of our boxes for investing, Cardinal Health (CAH).  Headquartered in the buckeye state, I instantly had flashbacks to college recruiting events since they sponsored A LOT of events at college.   The stock price continues to fall, so I wanted to perform a detailed analysis on Cardinal Health before committing to buy this healthcare company.  Here it is, my dividend stock analysis over Cardinal Health!


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Bert’s May 2016 Dividend Income Summary

May 2016 was  the best month of my life…hands down.   And it had absolutely nothing to do with investing.   I’m sure those that have been following along can guess what happened.  If not, no worries, I will have some blog posts soon to fill you all in on what exactly happened soon.  It was also a great month for dividend income as I saw some growth compared to May 2015.  Let’s take a look at the dividend income I received during the last 31 days!  Here is my May 2016 Dividend Income summary!

dividend income

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Which “Always Buy” Stock is Cheapest?

Breaking News!  The stock market had an insane week last week.  Every day was an exciting new chapter.  On Friday, the thrilling conclusion, the S&P 500 closed down 2.38% and this wasn’t even the lowest point of the day.  Bottom line is that there are many great stocks available at a discount right now and investors have been scooping them up left and right.  Heck, Lanny and I were both active as we both added to our stakes in ADM (See Bert’s purchase summary here and Lanny’s here).   With each subsequent red day in the market I become more motivated to add a rock-solid dividend paying company to my portfolio that I can buy and hold till I reach financial independence.   During times like these, I decided to look no further than my list of 5 “Always Buy” stocks to determine which one of these companies is trading at a price that may be too low to resist.

Watch List

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Dividend Stock Screener

As you all can see, Lanny has been littering our blog with posts. I figured it was about time I threw an article out so you all can hear from someone else. This article will discuss a few  basic metrics that Lanny and I use while screening for potentially under-valued dividend stocks. The metrics are just the tip of the iceberg, as the investing requires a lot more research. But throughout my investing experience, I have found it very helpful to have a consistent set of metrics while performing the initial stock screening. Iceburg Continue reading