Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

Another month bites the dust!  2016 is officially 33% over everyone!   The market began showing signs of weakness  towards the tail end of the month and it seems like every dividend investor had a collective sigh of relief.  There were two stocks that I have been big fans of for a while that finally had a nice pullback, so they earned a spot on my Watch List.  The don’t have the highest yield, but they are all star companies in their industry.  Let’s hope the slide continues for Visa and Starbucks.   Back to business, now that I have received my final April dividend income summary.

dividend income

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Weekend Reading – Sunday Night Edition

Happy Sunday everyone. The weather has been beautiful here in Cleveland and August could not have started off any better. It has been a great weekend in the dividend investing community as well and we have spent some time reading a lot of great articles this weekend.  It is an infrequent occurrence here on our website, but we wanted to take some time and put together a brief list of some of the articles we thought were great reads.   Let’s take a look at our Weekend Reading list, the Sunday Night edition!

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Lanny’s July Dividend Income

We are in the heat of summer, which means it’s time to cool down, take a deep breath and see what fruit the month has grown for us in terms of dividend income!  Not usually the biggest month of dividends, but there were a few “big” things going on this month that led this to an extremely awesome and record-breaking month of income, one that is going to be very, very hard to beat!  Well, enough of the mysterious writing about what happened in this monster month of receiving dividend income – let’s go and take a look at the dollars!

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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – DOW

The market hit a nice turn again for the worse, after a earnings have started to be released for companies.  I saw the red, the deep red and I had to put in a nice little limit order on a stock, where it was already down over 6% from a price I recently looked at it… I didn’t really thing it would get lower… lower it did.  Now let’s take a look at the purchase.

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Dividend Diplomats July Watch List

The month of July has been a very unusually favorable month – especially if you have capital!  We have seen the market go up and down, similar to last month, except this week, recently, the market has been on a bigger slide, opening up, of course, great dividend stock buying opportunities.  Given the new opportunities unfolding in front of our eyes, it of course leaves us to really pin point down to which stocks are we really looking to purchase into.  Lets see what is on our July watch list!

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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – DOW

It’s been a few weeks since my last purchase in April, as I’ve been much more selective with what I’m deploying out there.  I have officially received capital on Monday the 18th and was excited to see what the opening day was going to bring me.  One stock I had a look out for was increasing around $1 per share and I just wasn’t feeling the additional market value appreciation and thought I’d grab them again at some point soon.  However, this company below was also on my list.  I set in a price for a limit order and I kid you not – it dipped down to just a cent over it without triggering the purchase!  BUT… the end of the day occurred and the stock dipped to the price (actually did hit a penny below it) and my limit order triggered and boom, we now have a new purchase… and it’s a familiar one.

DOW logo

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Itching for a Buy…Anxiety of a Dividend Growth Investor

It is Valentine’s Day and here I am wondering/thinking – wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I have made a stock purchase.  My last purchase was another small investment using a free trade credit into IBM and it was a small – $547.00 investment at that.  It hasn’t been a full two weeks, looking back, as the trade happened on February 3rd (I didn’t write about it, it was very minimal to my eyes) but when you are used to making almost weekly purchases, the dividend growth investor anxiety kicks in.


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