Recent Buy – Canadian Imperial (CM)

Well I don’t think that this article should come as a surprise to too many of you.  If you couldn’t tell by my recent watch list, I was itching to buy a stock!  Time to move some cash from the sidelines and into an income producing an asset.  This week I ultimately purchased one of the four stocks on my watch list.  Here is why I decided to add to my stake in Canadian Imperial (CM).

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July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

July dividend income figures may not pack the same punch and dollar amounts that June has to offer, but that doesn’t mean that we all weren’t making moves and CRUSHING IT during July.   Almost every dividend income report we read during the month saw some form of major progress, personal records, or discussed how movers were made to increase future dividend income!  To echo the point we made last month, we are doing everything we can to get through as many dividend income articles as we can each month.   If you aren’t included in our monthly summary,  it doesn’t mean we didn’t read your article and your exclusion is definitely not personal.  It is just a time thing!  With that being said, it is time to check out our July Dividend Income summary from all of YOU in the dividend growth investing community.

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October Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

Another month down and we are quickly approaching 2016.  HOLY FREAKING SMOKES!   Guess it is time to start brainstorming some new, fresh goals for ourselves as we prepare for the calendar.  This year has been amazing for many of us, as we have pushed ourselves to invest as much as possible and set surpassed several investing milestones along the way.  Such as investing X amount of new capital during the calendar year or blowing past an insane dividend income milestone.    Now, let’s take some time to reflect on how well us and many others in the community have grown.  This is the October edition of our dividend income summary from others in the dividend growth investing community.  REIT-Investing-Up

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Dividend Diplomats July Watch List

The month of July has been a very unusually favorable month – especially if you have capital!  We have seen the market go up and down, similar to last month, except this week, recently, the market has been on a bigger slide, opening up, of course, great dividend stock buying opportunities.  Given the new opportunities unfolding in front of our eyes, it of course leaves us to really pin point down to which stocks are we really looking to purchase into.  Lets see what is on our July watch list!

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Canadian Bank Stocks – Three Stock Analyses

The hottest topic as of late, that I’ve seen outside of the oil/gas industry is… Canadian Banking.  I have seen quite a few dividend investors over the last two weeks, continue to purchase shares into the big 6 Canadian Bank companies.  I also own of them, but with all of the downward pressure on the industry in that geographical location, plus all of the activity with buying happening, it has caused me to dive into some research on the fundamentals with 3 of the bank stocks.  Let’s take a look.

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