June Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

As the tradition continues, each month we aggregate a list to show how other bloggers in the Dividend Investing community are CRUSHING IT!  We are doing the best we can in reading articles during the busy summer months – so by no means if you aren’t on here doesn’t mean that we did not read your article or will read your article, just at the time of reading we added it to the list.  Bert is over here killing it on his 2nd quarter goals, already, as well as having the best day of his life, ever.  The Cavs (YES YES YES!) won an NBA championship and you can say our city of Cleveland is still in celebration mode.  With that being said – see our June Dividend Income summary from the blogging community.


Dividend Hustler – $3,012.71 – Another insane month from Hustler!  UNREAL!  We on this website about the benefits of investing in amounts over $3,000…well, Hustler accomplished that through DRIP alone.   The income figures were great, but the best part of the article is the part where Hustler talks about the positive impact dividend investing has had on his life and relationship with his wife.  The numbers are great, but that is truly some inspiring stuff!

DivGro – $1,338.27 –  Ferdi nearly doubled up on dividend income compared to last year.  I think Ferdi received dividends from more companies than I (Bert own) haha   One cool nugget from the article is that Ferdi is already 88% towards achieving the 2016 dividend income received mark during the year.  Looks like you will be setting a new, adjusted dividend income goal soon!

New to Dividends – $450.49 –  Check this annual dividend income dividend growth rate out.  Not 100%, not 200%, not 300%, but 463%…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Great stuff New to Dividends. I would say you are off to a great start haha

Zero to Zeros – $132.34 –  A record setting month here, blowing past the previous mark by 25%!  Zero to Zeros received a nice special dividend from Main Street Capital during the month, which is huge.  Who doesn’t love receiving a bonus check in addition to your regular dividend payment?   Congrats, this was one of many future record breaking months!

More Dividends – $29.95 – More Dividends made some moves in June.  Opening a twitter account, publishing on Seeking Alpha for the first time, and getting in a heated Twitter discussion about 401k/IRA plans with Lanny!  More Dividends, like many here, set  a personal record in dividend income for the month….Nice job MD!

Special Agent Dividend – $105.90 –  A solid month of dividend income that put Special Agent Dividend over the $100 for the second time!  Love the fact that the first name on the list was Target, which both of us purchased during the month (Lanny purchase summary here and Bert purchase summary here).

Time in the Market$1,161.49 – WHOA!  Crossing the $1K with me – loving it – also, interesting take on the hourly wage, keep it up and congrats!

Earn Money in Pajamas$18.82 – Almost to the $20 mark here.  He has some powerful name brand companies in the portfolio, so no doubt the snowball will be rolling in.  Congrats, stay focused and persistent!

Roadmap2Retire$1,151.07 – ALL TIME HIGH!!!  Big congrats, as I’m sitting in the same seat with you Roadmap.  Keep grinding and building that mountain you have there!

DivHut$573.95 – Whoa, there we go!!  Killer month you had over there.  HUGE jump in your taxable account, great to see, over 40% growth!  The most interesting piece is that Aflac (AFL) is your big banger this month, which it takes a lot of shares to get there, love the aristocrat.  Congrats on the month DH!

Dividend Pig$386.43 – Record month for you as well?  34 companies paying?  Talk about an army that you have back there, just awesome!  oh… and a measly 236% growth rate to boot, not too bad, haha… congrats on the month!

InvestmentHunting$830.31 – YOU DID IT!  You crossed your $800 mark/goal for the month.  Killer.  Looks like you stayed true to your name – “hunting” down the dividends and grabbing them.  Congrats!

The Frugal Cottage$7.39 – Nice job FC!  Looks like you are starting out and building that snowball.  Good luck on reaching the $100 for the year, stay focused!

Well Rounded Investor$744.26 – HOLY CRAP!  Wells Fargo (WFC) and Bank of America (BAC) are just destroying it for you, WOW!  Keep it up, stellar numbers there.

Dividend Cash Flow$70.24 – Very, very nice!  I remember when I started getting closer and closer to $100 when I started, SUCH a fun and exciting feeling.  You’re doing great, keep it up, some solid aristocrats in there, including some from the top 5 foundation dividend stocks for investors!

I Want to retire Soon $156.85 – Fairly evenly spread, I may say.  Looks like we share quite a few names in JNJ, Shell (RDS), Archer Daniels (ADM), Mcdonalds (MCD), Target (TGT) and the list goes on.  With this type of portfolio – your income will grow steadily, regardless.  Congrats on a nice quarter end month!

The Stock Fox – ~$1,150 – With this sort of income, one can become fairly close to retiring, hands fricken down!  Nice job Stock Fox, keep out there on the prey!

The Millennial Budget – $29.50 in Dividend Income, $189 in net income – Stefan started dividend investing two months ago and is already starting to see the results! Highly recommend checking out this monthly post as Stefan not only discusses his dividend income but his blog income as well!

Here we go now!  Looks like June was an awesome month for quite a few people, including ourselves (Lanny setting a new record and Bert dominating his June), the community is on fire!  Could it be due to the Cavs bringing the trophy home and the “WIndians” taking care of the central division?  One can only hope.  The summer months definitely are heating up – and I hope it catches all of our portfolios on fire to bring in more dividends and increase our forward looking income.  Congratulations everyone, hope you are enjoying summer and had a nice July 4th!  Take care everyone and looking forward to the comments.

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

52 thoughts on “June Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

    • DfS,

      Shoot! I’m sorry div, we will try and get you next month, a lot of love to be spread and we’ll spread some your way come July. Progress is important and it’s important every once in a while to reflect on the journey. Keep going!


    • Adam,

      No prob boss! Thanks for the comment – hopefully this way it’s also easier to summarize what people are doing and the links provide an easier way to review articles you want, almost a snapshot before you go into it. Appreciate the comment and talk soon!


  1. These summaries are inspiring to read, especially when one feels that nothing happens. Slowly the snowball grows, even in the heat of summer.

    I had $55,14 from three companies this June.

    br Isomahamies from Finland

  2. Wow that’s a lot of bloggers earning income without doing anything at all. Love seeing all sorts of dividend income, ranging from over $3k to sub $10. Totally awesome!

    • Stefan,

      No problem and I bet it feels better collecting those dividends eh? You are killing it over there and you’re on a roll, keep making moves, be relentless and be focused. Congrats – you’re going to do awesome.


  3. Another great round up. I always love seeing how our fellow DGI bloggers are doing on the passive income front. As always, I appreciate the inclusion of DivHut. Of course, can’t forget baby DivHut with $33.95 in June 🙂 Just amazing to see the collective amount of dividends received!

    • DH,

      I did just see that article today! Baby DivHut has a bigger portfolio than I did when I was 20 – haha aka, I think the baby is taking it’s first steps in the right direction. I’m awful with puns, eh? haha Great job, to both of you! Let’s keep the momentum moving.


    • MoreDivs,

      Div – of course – everyone is excited, right? Everyone is sharing their experiences, and it gives us a good insight onto other things we may not see. And no prob on the mention, keep bringing in “more dividends”, sound good? haha


  4. June was a killer month for dividends. Seeing all of these totals in one place is impressive. Thanks for adding me and for aggregating this information.

    • IH,

      Of course, obviously aided by the wonderful June/quarter-end, that’s for sure. And no problem on the add – this is fun, and cool to see that there are SO many out there on a similar path. What’s funny – I don’t even think we grabbed 25% of the investors out there in the blogging community. Crazy!


  5. Very good list indeed. I think we all can post about our dividend income consistently to help diversify the field, lol. Well good luck with your mid year goals, and I have a feeling 2016 will be record breaking for sure.

    • MW101,

      Thank you for coming by the post, much appreciated! 2016 is record breaking and I experienced another fun milestone today – I cross $200K for the first time on my portfolio! It is incredible, cannot wait to see what more is to come. You’ll crush record and are crushing things.


    • DPig,

      How could we not include with a blog title like that? A TON of domain names, and we weren’t even close to grabbing them all. BUT – congratulations to every single person and keeping us all motivated and trying to keep everyone on the path of their journey. Great, great, great month for everyone!


    • Frugal Cottage,

      No problemo! Made some fun moves there and your blog is also cool with a great name. Keep it up and keep us all posted, congrats and thanks for the stop by and comment!


    • DDU,

      Of course – it’s all about finding any piece of information to put us over an edge – hopefully a good edge to the next level. Always a fun one for us to put together because we get a good inside scoop on how everyone’s journey is and where they are, so fun and incredible. Thanks again Div down under!


  6. Diplomats,

    This is an awesome list and there are some great names on here, and as you say are CRUSHING IT!

    What do I need to do to make the list?? I’m a relatively new blogger but am passionately pursuing Passive Income! Looking forward to hearing back! Thanks!

    Passive Income Dude

    • Dan,

      Thanks for the comment, everyone is crushing it here, that’s for sure! Welcome to the club and pumped you’re in the pursuit of passive income – we’ll try to grab you on the next one, for sure. Keep grinding.


  7. Thanks for compiling and adding me to the list. I appreciate it guys!
    Let’s keep it up and keep focusing on our lives to greater and greater.
    Month after month, it’s wonderful.
    Take care and keep hustling hard buds. Cheers.

  8. Everyone is leaving such nice comments but I have a suggestion that may sound like a complaint. I am not a blogger or a techy but some of the other PF blogs I read have the links open in a new window instead of leaving your page to go the the other blogger’s page. Now if I want to read one of the links I go there, read then I have to come back to find another link.

    If the links opened in a new window then I could just close that window when I am done I am lazy and easily distracted. A link that opens in a new window would keep your blog open in one of my windows so that I remember to come back to it. If I find a link that looks interesting on one of the other blogs I might click on it instead of returning to you.

    As a non-techy I cannot use the correct terms but other blogs do it so perhaps someone else could explain it better than I have.

      • Thanks for the help MrSLM!

        Beth — So sorry about that. Personally when I click on other website’s weekend reading articles and what not, I will just right click and open the articles I want to read in a new tab. I end up opening a lot of tabs, but then I X out as I read/comment and move onto the next article. It doesn’t quite solve your question, but that’s at least how I do it. hopefully that helps and I hope this doesn’t keep you away from our website and other articles in the future!


        • I enjoy your site and I will continue to read. I am pretty handy with the right click and I can do that but many other blogs use that handy feature and making things as idiot proof and as easy for the lazy among us will mean the average view time on your blog may be longer. Does that help your revenues?

        • In worldpress you have the option to tick a box that states something like “open in new tab” when you add a link in a post. Same as beth, I also prefer that the link opens a new tab (I’m also quite lazy ;-)).

  9. Awesome overview as usual! Thanks you guys!
    We came in at just over €700 this month, a record month too for us. Post has been a bit delayed due to our property purchase, should be posted this weekend hopefully, need to find time in between preparations for moving (and not pack the desktop before it’s posted 😉

    • Thanks Team CF! Wow, congrats on the record for you as well and the new property purchase. The beginning of owning a place can eat up a lot of time I am sure. What were the major contributors to your record? If you prefer, I’ll wait till your article is released!

      As always, thanks for stopping by and best of luck on the move.


      • RDSA was by far the largest dividend payer this month at about €135. The rest was a pretty good mix of smaller payments from about 15 companies or so.

    • No kidding. Isn’t it amazing to see so many great people accomplishing great things in this community? It serves as great motivation for me every time we put this list together. Take care!


    • Welcome to the community Seeking the Dividends! Sorry we missed you in this months post. We will definitely consider adding you to the next one. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article though, we don’t always have the time needed to get everyone we want in the post. So please don’t take it personally!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Love these posts, always find a few more blogs I haven’t run into yet. Also to see the community support for everyone, we’re all working towards the same goal!

    • Mr SLM,

      I love this community. Everyone shares knowledge and encourages each other to do their best and push as hard as they can towards financial freedom. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by such great company??


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