February Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

It is that time of the month everyone!  For the last few weeks, everyone in the dividend community has taken the time to post their stories and discuss their progress towards financial freedom.  If you have followed our blog, you would know that we do our best to compile, share, and discuss as many of those stories and dividend income summaries as possible.  While we wish we could include everyone, unfortunately, because of time (especially during our busy season) we cannot include the dividend income summaries for every single blogger out there.   There just isn’t enough time.  This month, we were able to compile 19 dividend income summaries, slightly less due to busy season (ARGH!!!)!  So everyone, check it out.  Here is our February Dividend Income Summary from YOU in the blogging community.  ENJOY! Continue reading

June Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

As the tradition continues, each month we aggregate a list to show how other bloggers in the Dividend Investing community are CRUSHING IT!  We are doing the best we can in reading articles during the busy summer months – so by no means if you aren’t on here doesn’t mean that we did not read your article or will read your article, just at the time of reading we added it to the list.  Bert is over here killing it on his 2nd quarter goals, already, as well as having the best day of his life, ever.  The Cavs (YES YES YES!) won an NBA championship and you can say our city of Cleveland is still in celebration mode.  With that being said – see our June Dividend Income summary from the blogging community.

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Our One Year Bloggiversary!

One year ago, today, on May 15, 2014 – the Dividend Diplomats were created.  Two young guys in public accounting, after constant discussions of investing, financial freedom, dividend stocks and life without the chains – they came to a meeting of the minds.  365 days have past and WOW what a ride it has truly been.  (Lanny) has been reading the dividend investing community blog-o-sphere for more than 5 years and (Bert) has done this now for going on 2 years.  Two guys that grew up in two different areas on Northeast Ohio – Lanny from Akron and Bert from Cleveland, one being Catholic and the other, er, uhm, Jewish, one being 6’3 and the other being 5’8, they still shared many things in common, one of those being – deep hearted passion about dividend income investing and to have this income to push them toward crossing the line of financial freedom.  Time to take a look back at 365 days…

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Calling All Bloggers! What is the Best Laptop For Blogging?

Bloggers, I need your help.  I am in a huge debate with myself, Bert and others on what is the best laptop/chromebook/tablet out there for bloggers and blogging alike.  There has to be pros and cons to each one in the market, and I’m having quite a difficult time finding the best one for what I need to use it for.  I’ll list out the potential devices I am considering, but would absolutely love guidance – and what better than to ask individuals who are also writing/blogging – so thank you for considering helping me in the search.  Let’s see what I’m looking for, why I am and what I’ve come up with so far.  From there – all and any feedback would be appreciated!

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