February Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

It is that time of the month everyone!  For the last few weeks, everyone in the dividend community has taken the time to post their stories and discuss their progress towards financial freedom.  If you have followed our blog, you would know that we do our best to compile, share, and discuss as many of those stories and dividend income summaries as possible.  While we wish we could include everyone, unfortunately, because of time (especially during our busy season) we cannot include the dividend income summaries for every single blogger out there.   There just isn’t enough time.  This month, we were able to compile 19 dividend income summaries, slightly less due to busy season (ARGH!!!)!  So everyone, check it out.  Here is our February Dividend Income Summary from YOU in the blogging community.  ENJOY!

Dividends 4 Future – $105.52 – DAYUM!  What a jump from prior year – nice work… the future looks bright!

Div Hut – $520.05 – Man… just wow.  Cracking $500 in an off month.  Great job, loving it.  That’s what it’s all about!!

Dividend Daze – $43.06 – We feel you on the HCP dividend… don’t worry, all that means is your March is better… RIGHT!?  Keep it up Daze and keep churning purchases, increases and reinvestment.

My Dividend Pipeline – $170.01 – Not too long that you’ve been back in business and in off-months you are climbing up in producing income.  Big moves made in February that will benefit the next 10 months.  Hustling hard!!

Dividend Vet – $189.89 – Nice work and almost at $200!  Love that you had a nice whammy from AT&T (T), as it’s been a great foundation stock for portfolios, no doubt.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $144.63 – pretty darn awesome, I love seeing that February has been stellar so far.  You’ve got the dynamic duo in Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T) working for you during these months.  Keep it up!

Our Dime Our Time – $37.34 – Big Kinder Morgan (KMI) fueling the portfolio – nice work this month and a 26% increase is awesome.  Keep it up.

Divnomics – 36.42 Euros –  Divnomics is doing all of the right things to get a FIRE plan in motion and moving.  A great story to follow here.  Their portfolio of now 20 companies produced a 49% YOY increase for the month of February!

Race2Retirement – $1,787 – In an off month??  Are you kidding R2R??  What a great month.   We love the fuel in R2R’s gut and are loving the 3,000 day journey towards financial freedom.  With months like this, you will be there in no time.  Keep up the amazing work!

Passive Income Dude – $118 –  Hey, you may have had a large YOY decrease from last February.  But you know what?  Based on your buy/sell activity and the big HCP monthly transition, your March is going to be AWESOME!  Cannot wait to see what kind of results you produce next month!

Investment Hunting – $468.08 – Nearly $200 greater than February 2016…nice job IH!  12 companies produced a heck of a lot of dividend income for you, especially Omega Health Investors.  Keep up the great work.

JC @ Passive Income Pursuit – $275.65 – The HCP bug impacted another dividend blogger!  It was shocking to see that JC received a dividend boost from 7 of the companies in his portfolio.  Setting the table for some strong months in the future.

Dividend Monkey – $76.59 – Another amazing month for Monkey, as the title of DM’s article suggests.  DM posted a 570% year over year increase in dividend income.  Also love the Super Troopers reference in the article.  Great stuff DM!

Pursuit 2 Freedom – 35.89 Euro – Another blogger, another massive dividend growth rate.  Congrats on the 231% year over year increase!

Screaming Little Man – $1,750.02 – 20 companies producing an impressive $1,750 in dividend income .  What’s even crazier is the SLM’s forward dividend income crossed over $25k!  Amazing stuff SLM.

Time in the Market – $79.60 –  A slight increase from 2016, but the real excitement is coming in March. give your heavy ETF/mutual fund weighted portfolio!

Team CF – 342 Euro –  A 59% is an impressive increase.  Congrats Team CF!  Plus, 100 additional shares of Shell is going to continue fueling those impressive dividend growth rates going forward.

Diligent Dividend – $69.82 – There are a lot of great things packed into this monthly financial updated for DD.   An amazing month all around. Congrats!

Retire By 40 – $689 – Just awesome and congrats!  You are nearing your goal for the year of $11,500 and I think March will bring you even closer than where you should be after 3 months.  Love your journey!

Phew… that’s a lot of fricken dividend income that everyone has flowing into their pockets/mailbox/online accounts/new shares/insert other form of receipt here (haha)!  Everyone here is killing it and is making HUGE progress towards their goals, objectives and dreams.  Love the passion everyone has here, bottomline.  We said it earlier, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many other bloggers out there that have similar stories that we wish we could include this summary out there.  So please, if you were not included, please share our income figures for the month and a description of your progress.  Now, it is time for our rallying call.  Every…Single…Dollar…Counts in this wonderful, challenging, and hard fought battle towards financial freedom.  Let’s go everyone!!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

44 thoughts on “February Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

  1. DD,

    Nice to see this overview as I follow most of the people listed here – and now have some more suggestions on who to track!

    My dividend income for February was $185, up from $47 the same month in 2016.

    Cheers and would love to be included in next month’s overview!

    • Tall investing,

      Nice progress right there! That’s crushing it right there…We will do out best next month. The fun part is finding new people to follow and checking out their stories 🙂


  2. Thanks again for including me in the dividend income recap. It’s great to see all of the various bloggers’ results in one place to keep track of just how well everyone is doing.

  3. Hey! thanks for including me. These guys are absolutely killing it, good job everyone.

    On a side note I just updated my portfolio tracker on the blog if you guys could check it out for me and let me know if it’s showing up correctly and formatted for easy viewing. I included links to the company’s investor page on their websites too. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Have a great weekend everyone,


  4. Great as always to see everybody growing month by month. Very motivating. Wondering how much it would be when adding it all up 😉

    Thanks for putting in all the efforts!

  5. Thanks for the include 🙂 Great work everyone on this list, really happy to see people doing well. Especially the familiar names, watching their income’s grow.


  6. Thanks for adding my dividend income to this post. I love reading summary posts like this. It’s really awesome to see all of our income in one place. Truly inspiring.

    • IH,

      Of course IH. Keep up the amazing work!! You’re right, these figures and these results are extremely inspiring. Makes me want to keep investing and keep finding great stocks to build in my portfolio.


  7. Another great update from our community. Keep it up everyone. These reports keep the fire going and just encourages me to press on my own journey. Thanks for sharing and including.

    • Divhut,

      We are just trying to pump some oxygen into this fire to help fuel the flames. It is sure as heck working for us haha Keep on grinding and keep on making it work for you and Baby Divhut.


  8. Excellent work everyone, I finally got paid my very first dividend and it is an exciting feeling seeing that money hit my account. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the DRIP in time but next time for sure. Excellent work again everyone, looking forward to a lot of March increases. Go us!

    • BHL,

      Isn’t that awesome! It sucks you missed the DRIP, but you know what, you can use that cash when purchasing your next undervalued dividend stocks. We’re pumped as heck for March as well! Looking forward to seeing what everyone has up there sleeves.


  9. Hi guys,
    nice list and it is really great to see how much income you can generate through dividends.
    btw. Would be nice if you can add me the next month 🙂


  10. These reports are awesome! It’s really cool seeing all these different dividend bloggers in one place. Like, I didn’t know there was a blog called “Screaming Little Man”. I’m checking it out, thanks for sharing!

    • Of course! That’s the best part of this article, is getting the chance to read, learn about, and share so many different awesome stories with everyone in the community. That’s what it is all about, right??


  11. DD,
    Great article, guys. The great thing about the dividend investing community is that we’re all ultimately on the same team given the amount of overlap in all of our portfolios.
    Take care!
    – Ryan

    • Ryan,

      Agree 100%. no one is competing against each other. Instead we are all cheering each other on and trying to motivate/push each other to continue crushing it and improving their financial position. I feel like there aren’t too many other communities out there that can say the same thing.


  12. Thanks for the inclusion into the list. Nice to see everyone doing so well even on an off month. Seems like HCP got a lot of people but will just makes March so much greater. Keep up the good work!

    • Absolutely Dividend Daze!! Everyone is crushing it here! Love the positive attitude in HCP and I cannot wait until we get to boast/talk about the other side of the coin here in March. Take care!


  13. Very nice!

    I´m from Brazil and I´m starting my investments abroad now. I have a good portfolio in Brazil and I also receive some monthly dividends but now I´ll start to buy some ETF and stock abroad.

    Looking for nice websites to learn more about good stocks and strategy.

    My blog still is in Portuguese. I´m thinking in make a English version also but we someone is interesting to see my portfolio, be my guest.

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