Should You Try Dividend Investing in Canada?

We have a fantastic guest blogger – Jane Koval!  Jane Koval is a freelance writer.  Her interests range from the latest e-Commerce trends to traditional folk culture and adventurous traveling. She always stays open to new ideas and expertise to make her writings handy and captivating for the readers. In addition – she has been great to work with and her writing is detailed with great sources for her information.  What better topic then about Dividend Investing?  Here she talks about why you may want to try Dividend Investing in Canada! Continue reading

Lanny’s Recent Purchase – CM

Finally… a trigger has been pulled, the market has had a pull back and Bert, the Jewish one, did not also purchase the same stock I did this time around, joking Bert.  I had been eager to add to my dividend income producing stocks, and the time for me was right.  Since I am an auditor in the financial institutions realm and don’t have too much exposure to banking – that is what step I ended up taking.  Let’s take a look at the purchase.

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Canadian Bank Stocks – Three Stock Analyses

The hottest topic as of late, that I’ve seen outside of the oil/gas industry is… Canadian Banking.  I have seen quite a few dividend investors over the last two weeks, continue to purchase shares into the big 6 Canadian Bank companies.  I also own of them, but with all of the downward pressure on the industry in that geographical location, plus all of the activity with buying happening, it has caused me to dive into some research on the fundamentals with 3 of the bank stocks.  Let’s take a look.

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