July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

July dividend income figures may not pack the same punch and dollar amounts that June has to offer, but that doesn’t mean that we all weren’t making moves and CRUSHING IT during July.   Almost every dividend income report we read during the month saw some form of major progress, personal records, or discussed how movers were made to increase future dividend income!  To echo the point we made last month, we are doing everything we can to get through as many dividend income articles as we can each month.   If you aren’t included in our monthly summary,  it doesn’t mean we didn’t read your article and your exclusion is definitely not personal.  It is just a time thing!  With that being said, it is time to check out our July Dividend Income summary from all of YOU in the dividend growth investing community.


Captain Dividend – $322.88 – Killing it!  Looks like we (Lanny) crossed the $300 mark together this month, with a lot of the same names in Philip Morris (PM) Kraft (KHC) and Glaxo (GSK).  Keep the snowball a rolling!

Zero to Zeroes – $95.49. – Woah, almost crossing the $100 mark.  One tidbit of the article stood out to me and had me really excited.  The fact that Alex surpassed the 2015 dividends received total this month.  That’s nuts!  Best part is you still have five more months to keep on building and increase your personal record that much more.  CONGRATS!

Dividend Vet – $113.64 –  Just a tiny 20% dividend growth rate compared to the same month last year.  Heck yeah!  I love the list of rock solid companies that paid a visit to the Vet this month…KO, PM, KMB, and O just to name a few.  Now that is a great list of companies, why do I (Bert) only own one of them?? haha

Tawcan – $1,066.97 – Another four digit month, man you are killing it Tawcan!  It is very impressive, especially considering the fact that the first month of the quarter is typically the slowest.   Great work as always Tawcan!  P.S.  Love getting to see a funny Dilbert image every month when we open your income article up.

Divhut – $373.48 –  This one is personal.  Keith was getting on my (Bert) case about my use of “boring” during my monthly dividend income article.  I never said boring was a bad thing Keith!  Boring Dividend Investing = Happy Dividend Investing.   Enjoy the rest of your gold coast trip!

Dividend for Starters – $46.46 – How would you feel about receiving a 204% raise compared to last year?  Why don’t you tell us DfS.  HOLY SMOKES that is an awesome dividend growth rate.  Nice job DfS!!

New to Dividends – $211.46 – Another impressive dividend increase…179% compared to last year. The best part was the jump from double digit dividend income to over $200.  Plus, you received dividends from quite the strong group of companies.

Pollies Dividend – € 587.68 ($ 656.92) –  I would definitely say that you received a “super dividend” from one of your companies.  Man are we jealous that you received that from your company and trust us, we remember that feeling from last July when we received the special Kraft-Heinz dividend!  Even without the special dividend, Pollie showed a great 29% dividend growth rate compared to last year.

Dividends Down Under – $7.46 – getting paid, here we go!  Everything counts and owning 2 more shares of a company via dividend re-investment is just awesome and helps push the income forward.  Keep it going!

My Dividend Pipeline – $0 – I put this not because it is $0, but seriously it is going to share that you are going to be on a tear here in the upcoming months.  Your dividends are going to be burning some oil soon/asap and it is going to be intense, we all should be on the watch out!

Dividend Hustler – $1,987.80 – Just killing it here.  Hustler has been on the grind for a while and there is no end in sight for him, at all.  He is a huge fan of the Canadian stocks and you can tell, by evidence of the dividends he collected in July.  Congrats!

Dividend Niche – $13.40 – First off, congrats on the one year anniversary of the Niche Fund DN.  Getting ready to see the dividend snowball start rolling??   Niche’s income came predominately from the Canadian Bank sector this month, which has some great dividend paying powerhouses.  Can’t wait to see what year 2 has in store Niche!

Be Smart Rich – $794 – Welcome to the $200k club Be Smart Rich!  Take a look at the chart, wow did your market value spike up quickly.  And then on top of that, you receive a huge sum of dividend income.  Amazing stuff!

American Dividend Dream – $425.20 –  ADD with a very solid month, posting a 23% YOY dividend growth rate.   Gotta love any dividend article that starts off with a Ray Charles quote, that is how you set the tone for success right there!

Dividend Hawk – $772.74 – Another investor bit by the lack of a Kraft-Heinz special dividend.  But that’s didn’t stop Dividend Hawk from posting a sick dividend income total for the month!  Boom.

There we have it….our July Dividend Income summary.  Told all of you that the community is doing some amazing things; however, you already probably know that already!   Now, let’s hope the market decides to continue cooling off in August and create some buying opportunities so we can turn our Watch List into actual purchases.  Lanny has three great stocks he is itching to buy on his August Watch List, so let’s keep our fingers crossed so he can increase his position in them!  Now, onward and upward.  Can’t wait for this summary in August!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

31 thoughts on “July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Hey Lanny and Bert,

    Thanks for the shout out and including our $7 income – we all have to start somewhere! And started we have. Maybe in a few years we won’t have one of the lowest July’s out of everyone 🙂 Nice job everyone!


    P.S. How good did Delly’s team do? Gave your guys a scare!

    • DDU,

      No prob!! And congratulations. There’s always a start point, so do not worry about that! You won’t have the lowest, there’s no such thing! Only progress.

      As for our boy Delly – he def. gave us a scare, holy crap!! We barely squeaked that win. That team was playing very well, I will have to admit


  2. Next to reading the monthly dividend income updates, this round up is my next favorite type of post. When you look at the collective amounts we earned as a community the figures really become impressive. As always, I thank you for including my results.

    • DHut,

      Thanks for coming on by! WHen are we all going to go in on a mansion on the coast of a beach? And then just combine the dividends to formulate one cash flow? Haha, I know, I know – this is a fun post to write and all posts are fun to read. Wild week for $FLO!


  3. Thanks for including me guys. I appreciate it.
    It’s awesome and wonderful receiving all these dividends. Whether it’s a lot or a little, let’s be grateful to be in this position to be able to build wealth. We’ve got it made. Truly a blessing.
    Keep it up guys. Cheers!

    • Hustler,

      Of course, how could we not?! It’s one of the more exciting things to share, as the market continues to not show as many opportunities. They are out there, but just have to dig a little deeper. It’s all a blessing and the road is tough, but worth it. Keep it going.


    • Cents,

      Agreed – big congrats alllll around. Ownership in assets that produce cash, doesn’t get better than that! While you sleep, with friends, awake, working out, etc… the dividends keep rolling in!


  4. $2000 in dividends just in a single month?! Man those companies are working hard to keep investors happy and rich. Thanks for putting the list together! I’m getting motivated now to invest in dividend paying stocks..

    • David,

      Pumped that you enjoyed it and yes – seeing the numbers pumps and motivates each and everyone of us, it’s awesome. Continue to strive to be in a better situation than you are today and yesterday, and keep the focus on a better tomorrow. We can do this.


  5. Hi Bert and Lanny,

    Great list once again! Thanks for mentioning me. It’s much appreciated.
    Reaching my first $100+ month will be a huge milestone.

    Nice to see everybody else doing great.
    Remember, the best day to start an investment strategy like DGI is today, so if you’d started earlier, that’s even better!

    Take care.

    • DfS,

      Of course, no problem!! Huge milestone, without a doubt, and it’s great to celebrate and take that all in when it occurs.

      Today and yesterday will be the most important days, as that is what fuels tomorrow. On point.


  6. Congrats to everyone mentioned in this post! I know it’s not a competition but it’s still fun to gauge yourself against everyone else’s successes and either reminiscing about your past journey stops or dream about your future ones. Great mix of saving stages throughout this group!

    • Stacker,

      Exactly, not a competition by any means, but is interesting, as you can find their ages, life events, etc.. and sort of “stack” yourself with the community to see where you land. We are all successes, right? We are all buying assets that are better than the dollar in the hand. Agreed, on all fronts, great mix of ages, experiences and savers. Let’s keep doing what we are doing.


    • AFFJ,

      You know we love writing this one! It’s funny, the list is huge and it’s an incredible feeling knowing how many are in this, together, on similar but our own journeys. Glad we could share it!


  7. Hey guys, awesome blog. By way of introduction: I recently got into DG investing after being in the stock market for 15 years with mutual funds, suffering incredible volatility. I like to buy stock at discounts, so I have limit orders below the market waiting for pullbacks. Either that or writing puts. Yes, I know the market may run, but we’re at an all-time high. By buying on slight dips throughout this year, my HPR capital gain is 11%, sans div’s.

    I hold everything in non-taxable accounts. My job provides a great 401(k) match but can only invest in mutual funds, not even ETFs! So I am really limited in the amount I can allocate to investing, as I need a major chunk of income for a down payment soon (NYC area).

    I am trying to get to a 4% current yield portfolio by year-end. So far I have HCP, T, ABBV, CVX, XOM and BK for an average yield of 3.84%. My YOC is 4.33% – and I have been doing this only since January 1!

    Next on my list of names yielding over 4%: EMR, ED, TGT, TROW, OHI, MPW, WPC, HP, VZ. I am hoping the market softens form the highs and I can pick up more names currently trading at <4% at a yield of 4%+.

    My ultimate plan is to establish a diversified portfolio of 100+ DG stocks. I don't plan to sell anything ever (I know, famous last words) but I like the "set it and forget it" strategy with quality companies. Otherwise I am timing the market.

    Your filters are very useful, I appreciate them and have incorporated it into my decision-making.

    I also own mREIT's (part of hard accumulation not DG strategy as they get killed periodically). You guys should look to augment your holdings with some, as well.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. HEy good job collecting all the info in 1 post. It goes to show dividends are a sure fire way to supplement retirement income or if you attain freedom depending on much you invest.

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