October Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

Another month down and we are quickly approaching 2016.  HOLY FREAKING SMOKES!   Guess it is time to start brainstorming some new, fresh goals for ourselves as we prepare for the calendar.  This year has been amazing for many of us, as we have pushed ourselves to invest as much as possible and set surpassed several investing milestones along the way.  Such as investing X amount of new capital during the calendar year or blowing past an insane dividend income milestone.    Now, let’s take some time to reflect on how well us and many others in the community have grown.  This is the October edition of our dividend income summary from others in the dividend growth investing community.  REIT-Investing-Up

The Two of Us–   Lanny’s portfolio is much larger, so once again, Lanny took home the crown here.  In October, Lanny amassed $339 while Bert earned $106 in dividend income

Dividend Hustler$1,908 –  One of our favorites here!  Tyler CRUSHED yet another month and earned $1,908 in dividend income.   Tyler’s dividend snowball is rolling at a ridiculous rate and he is sprinting towards financial freedom.   Tyler is a great guy and we were honored for the opportunity to interview him last month and get to know him a little better.

DivHut$366–  Keith had a “quiet” month in dividends, seeing his dividend income increase 28% compared to last year.   We all know what Keith was referring to and October is a very boring month for receiving dividends.  For some reason most companies love paying out their dividends in the third month of the quarter.  Regardless, Keith’s investment in rock solid Canadian banks is beginning to make a great impact and was a major contributor to the impressive growth rate.  Great job Keith!

Captain Dividend – $234 – Captain’s dividend income chart continues to trend in the right direction and keeps on moving up!  His month would have been greater; however, similar to us, Captain lost October income when Kraft-Heinz decided to push their dividend back.   Luckily, the income was not lost overall and only the payout month was impact.  Can’t wait to see what Captain’s dividend income increase in November will look like

Tawcan – $947 – Alright Tawcan, we didn’t leave you out this month.  If you all want to read about an insane year over year growth rate, Tawcan’s income grew 51%.  Heck yeah Tawcan….that’s an insane growth rate considering the dividend income you received during the month.  Congrats!  And stay tuned everyone, Tawcan is our next guest in our monthly interview series.

Dividend Empire$46 in empire portfolio and $82 in retirement portfolio.  Empire’s impressive first year of dividend growth investing continues.  His income in September grew 52% when compared to the same month in the LAST quarter.  Not October 2014 everyone…July 2015.  Congrats on the amazing progress and you have entered this game running.


Roadmap to Retire – 666 CAD–  R2R’s diversified passive income stream keeps on rolling along.  While most of us receive income predominately from dividend income, R2R receive passive income from many different sources.  Very jealous of Roadmap’s diversificaiton.

Div4Son – $181 – Div4Son has been on a tear over the last year. Let me throw some quick stats out from the article that should cause you to click-through the link and read the details yourself.  Since August 2014, Div4Son has invested over $90,000 and is trying to invest $1,000 per week.   Talk about an amazing journey!  No wonder your portfolio chart is sloping upward at a 45 degree angle!

Dividend Niche – $2 – If you are looking to follow a journey from the beginning, check out Dividend Niche’s website.  The Niche Fund was created in June and Dividend Niche is already working towards building an impressive dividend income schedule.  I don’t own KO but definitely support their bottom line every once in a while.  Maybe we will become fellow shareholders one day Niche!  Welcome to the community!

Vivianne @ Well Rounded Investor – $125 – Vivianne realized a small 45% YOY increase…amazing progress!  Similar to DivHut, Vivianne received a huge spike from recent investments in Canadian Banks.  I like the concept of creating a Canadian Bank ETF because there are just so many great options up north!

If you are all looking for more detail about any one investor’s month, please click-through the link in their name and read their October dividend income summary on your own.  We are all doing amazing things here and making some impressive strides towards financial freedom.  Let’s all promise to push ourselves for the last few months and use others’ success stories as motivation.  We love this community, it is unlike any other one out there on the internet.  Keep up the amazing progress everyone.

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

18 thoughts on “October Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

    • No problem R2R! Thank you very much. These articles are just as much fun to prepare as they are for you to read. It always amazes me how many other dividend growth investors there are in the community. What a great group of people!


  1. Hi Lanny and Bert, thank you for including me in your October blogger income post! It is an honour to be included in such great company. Every snowball starts somewhere and I’m looking forward to seeing how things look one year from when I started. Thank you for the warm welcome to the community!


    • No problem DN. Welcome to the community. We are pumped that you are embarking on this journey with all of us. Every snowball starts as a snowflake! I can’t wait to follow your story for the next few years and see the impressive dividend growth rates that you are able to achieve. Keep up and keep at it!


    • DfS,

      I know, I love following an amazing story from the beginning stages and watching it turn into a novel. Man I am full of cliches tonight. There are some ridiculous income figures within this article and they serve as excellent motivation for all others in the community.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hey Guys. Thanks for taking the time to share this post. Life’s wonderful and it’s such an awesome feeling taking action into our hands and doing something about our future which is investing in Assets such as stocks. We only have ourselves to blame. Let’s keep up the hustle and take our journey to greater heights! Onwards and Upwards!!
    Cheers my friends.

    • HUSTLER! Thank you very much. Couldn’t agree more. Life is great and we are setting ourselves up to enjoy every second of it. We are taking control of our destiny and the net stop on our journey is financial freedom!


  3. Another great round up. Love reading about all the other dividend income from our fellow bloggers. As always, I thank you for the DivHut mention. Collectively, we have amassed a pretty nice chunk of change in passive income.

    • Thanks Keith! This article is so much fun to put together because it just shows ow much progress is being made by you and all the others in the community. We are all making some serious moves here, so let’s keep grinding and clawing our way towards financial freedom. Have a great weekend.


  4. Great round up and thanks for including me, much appreciated.

    It’s great to see what other fellow bloggers are receiving in terms of dividend income, great to see so many people starting out.

    • Thanks Ben for the comments and stopping by. IT is great to see that so many people are working their tails off in pursuit of financial freedom. That’s whats fun about the community and why we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.


    • D4S,

      Of course! One of the best things about this community is the support for all the different dividend investors out there, whether they are receiving their 1st dividend check or their 1,000th. We are all in this together and marching towards the same end goal…financial freedom.


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