Bert’s 2016 Goals

I can’t write this without smiling.  2016 is going to be an amazing, life-changing year for me and I cannot wait until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve to make it official.  I’ll be marrying the love of my life at the end of May, so I don’t think there is a bad thing that can happen to me.   Well, now I left myself with an impossible task.  How on earth to I segue from that to discussing my 2015 investing goals?  Nothing I do this year will mean more to mean than that.  So I guess I will technically knock out one goal at the end of May?  Anyway…. now I’ll get down to business.  This article will discuss my 2016 goals!goals

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Dividend Diplomats July Watch List

The month of July has been a very unusually favorable month – especially if you have capital!  We have seen the market go up and down, similar to last month, except this week, recently, the market has been on a bigger slide, opening up, of course, great dividend stock buying opportunities.  Given the new opportunities unfolding in front of our eyes, it of course leaves us to really pin point down to which stocks are we really looking to purchase into.  Lets see what is on our July watch list!

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Bert’s April Dividend Income

As a great band once said….”Another one bites the dust.” Another month bites the dust and we are now entering May.   April was a crazy month that consisted of more transactions than I can remember for a while, the capstone of which was my investment in one of the largest railroad companies Norfolk Southern.   Unfortunately though, I will not be reaping the dividend benefits from these transactions until next quarter.   After seeing a minimal YOY increase of 8% in my dividend income in March, I am hoping that my investing throughout the first four months of the year will begin to show in April.  Looks like it is time to dive in and review my April dividend income summary.

dividend income

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Recent Purchase – ADM

The last couple of months has been pretty active for me.  Since the beginning of February, I have either initiated a new position or re-upped my position in 6 stocks, with the most recent transaction occurring a few weeks ago when I purchased both CVX and PM.  Well, I had some extra capital laying around and wanted to purchase a stock that has been on my radar for a while now.   If you have followed our website over the last month, you will probably know which stock I purchased, as it has appeared in several articles recently.

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Bert’s Quarterly Goal Review

We are done with one-quarter in 2015 folks.  As Lanny mentioned, time flies by!  These last three months have been a whirlwind for me, personally, professionally, and investing wise.   Between helping plan a wedding, working a busy season, making some stock purchases and other big decisions (you guys will know soon enough!), the first three months were a giant blur.   But these are all great events and I have set myself up to have a very memorable 9 months of 2015!  This year I told myself that I was going to pay closer attention to my goals to make sure that I am on target to meet the goals and that way, if I need to, I can make any necessary adjustments.  Well, here we go, let’s dive into my quarterly goal review!

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Bert’s Dividend Income Summary – January

One month down, eleven more to go in 2015!  Man does time fly.  January has been quite the active month for me, as I have been slowly (but surely) adding dividend income to my portfolio through a series of small purchases.  While this won’t impact January’s income, I am setting the table for the remaining eleven months of the year.  After having a lot of activity in 2014, I am expecting to start the year off on the right foot and have a solid dividend month.  Let’s dive into the results and see how I performed in January. 

dividend income summary

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