My Wedding Day: The Best Day of My Life

Our wedding day finally arrived!  The day my wife (that STILL is strange to write) and I had been planning and eagerly awaiting for over one and a half years finally arrived.  A few weekends ago, we looked each other in the eyes, exchanged our vows, and began this amazing new chapter of our lives.   The two-day celebration flew by and to be honest, a lot of it is still a blur (which we were told by everyone would happen).   I am still honored that so many friends and family members took the time to celebrate with us.  Man, what an awesome few days.

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Lanny’s Income & Expense Summary – May, June & July

Remember when we had those posts regarding income and expense summaries?  Well.. I’ll be damned if I didn’t realize I haven’t posted about this since the summary for April 2015.  Aka – more than 3 months have passed that I haven’t showed any results from the income and expense summary side of my life.  I haven’t shown how I am able to fund my investment purchases, how I’ve been able to balance both living and ht epursuit of financial freedom, as well as – achieving the 60% savings challenge.  I’m Back and ready to bring it!  This is the summary for 3 months that were missed – May, June and July.  

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