My Plan to Pay Off Our Student Loans

Student Loans….a topic that almost everyone can relate to and almost every person in the personal finance community curse.  We’ve all read the reports and the numbers are staggering:  total student loans are over $1 trillion dollars here in the US and the average graduate is leaving school with an average of $37,712 (Source: Student Loan Hero).  My goal today is to discuss my family’s student loan situation, some of the tough discussions we had before incurring the student loans, and then to cap it off, my plan to pay off our debt as early as possible.

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Bert’s October Watch List

Typically Lanny and I post a combined watch list; however, in October, we are changing the format slightly for a variety of reasons.   In this article, I am going to discuss the two stocks that I am watching closely, especially considering the fact that I have a little extra capital to deploy.  The waters have seemed to calm down after the turbulent September and it is difficult to find as many great discounts since the stock market had a mini recovery from the crazy downturn.  Let’s take a look at my October Watch List!

Watch List

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